Bitcoin DUMP because of this...

Bitcoin DUMP because of this...
Bitcoin DUMP because of this...
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  • Breaking News...Fundamentals are also looking overwhelmingly bullish for cryptocurrencies. As analyst Alex Kruger noted, both TD Ameritrade and E*Trade, two retail brokerage giants based in America, moving into the crypto market by offering spot trading would “likely be bigger than any Tether bearish developments.” For those who missed the memo, the commentator is referring to rumors that the two aforementioned identities will soon offer direct cryptocurrency trading to their millions of users. As Bloomberg and The New York Times’ Nathaniel Popper explain, a source familiar with the matter claims that just after TD Ameritrade began to test digital assets, E*Trade is preparing to launch support for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but is still waiting on a custodial third party.
  • Amazing you called the dump before it happened, and thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date on the news. Keep up the good work.
  • Someone with too many coins is either trying to control prices or devolving to the public some of theirs.
  • The thing is, the news does not cause the fall. The news is placed in a timely manner, to justify the fall.
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  • So Tether finally got is cherry popped.. Meanwhile TrueUDS. USDcoin, and Paxos Standard got the pump of their lives.. This pump and dump scheme is far from over.
  • Another Tether/Bitfinex FUD, last drop to 3-4k so whales can load up for next bull run...
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  • If this little drop is caused by the news, isn't that another sign that we're getting out of the bear market? Bad news finally has an effect on the market again!
  • I’m confused as to why the price of bitcoin dropped because of Tether. The retracement was coming anyway. Is Bitfinex and maybe Bitmex going to be closed by the US government. Any answers will help, thanks
  • Why would there be a dump in Bitcoin when if there was a question over Tether printing cash. Normally I would expect this news to pump BTC as people off load USDT. I believe this happened back in the 15th Oct 2018. Which in turn started a rally that ultimately failed as there was no momentum and the market corrected on the 14th Nov 2018.
  • Great work sunny.. you are the YouTuber I trust.
  • Appreciate having this info
  • I don't think you were 'always very sceptical'.
  • Vays - absolutely not the news which caused the drop. It’s a pretty fundamental statement in trading that news comes second. Shorts had piled massively days before.
  • Why is tether not dipping? I would have expected it to go to $0.95 or lower like it did last time there was some major tether fud.
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  • The tether fud should pump the price as everyone holding needs to buy something they can withdrawl like btc. Or maybe bitfinex itself is dumping btc at a relative high to raise cash to back tether. Looks like 200W MA here we come!
  • This was to be expected i'm nobody in ta or trading but i heard a saying " sell in May and go away" well examining the calendar smart money would not wait for 1st of May. What did you expect ??!!
  • Rekt
  • What happened sunny what i told u in your last video you said pump itold u it will dump
  • That is not the reason why it has fallen...lmao
  • Dude, I'm not saying the news had no impact, it might have just accelerated the dump, but we hit major resistance points. 50week MA, Stoch RSI has been at 100 for the longest period in YEARS. There are multiple good technical reasons why we dumped as well.
  • May be the same attorney general should also probe into the trillions of dollars printed by the Federal Reserve. Some one please tell me what is the difference between Tether and USD or any other currency for that matter, both backed by nothing, but one is considered illegal and the other not. A big HMMMMMMM.....
  • There is nothing wrong with printing your own money , as long as someone accepts it as legal tender.
  • Everytime we going up, bad new comes out. It happened every bull market
  • Sorry to pee on your battery Sunny, but this move is exactly congruent with the movement in 2015 towards the real bottom before the bull market started... AND - to be blunt... it is not Tyler who will sweat, but all those chicken wings who bet against him that we will go down first before we reach 6000... just be warned.
  • This is the late night no yelling edition.
  • I hope it will dump very hard like 70% and all centralized stablecoins die for ever.
  • People didnt run tether to btc look like no body cares.
  • Have a good sleep Sunny :)
  • What happen to your bitmex
  • What u say about dip of btc 3600 or 4600?
  • yes it's not because of the daily overbought RSI + bearish divergence and the resistance and the fomo market sentiment it's obviously because of some news event. NOBDOY saw this coming :D:D:D sunny the perfect troll :D
  • Thanks for breaking news
  • Wow. You are brilliant! You have such a awesome skill to find the right articles in the news which can predict the price movement of bitcoin
  • Sunny... You were smart to notice the Tether situation. But please, let me clear this on thing up for you.............. "Show me the charts, and I'll tell you the news." .....Say that over and over in your head till it sticks. Because you have one small but critical aspect of this backwards. News does NOT effect the charts. The elite and market gods plan the moves, then execute those moves and have the media outlets (both consciously and unconsciously) post the news for us who are not in the loop, to JUSTIFY what is occuring in the charts. But you are correct about Tether. If you want to dump the price of BTC, it helps to have a money machine.
  • news are great news !
  • Eres un una bestia!!!!! Sonny thx for you channel !!!!
  • Thanks for your dedication Sunny!
  • If this shit happen buy more in lower price because it will go up again. Crypto is the future no one will destroy future i hope you got it.I love it when is down personally.
  • Could you do a review on crypto kirby?
  • People don’t even watch this, just buy, hold and wait for the news to Come on local tv, then you know the real peak, enough Said
  • FUD?
  • And it just jumped the same amount
  • Back to before the

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