Phenylpiracetam - Superhuman Serum A quick review of my favorite nootropic

Phenylpiracetam - Superhuman Serum A quick review of my favorite nootropic
Phenylpiracetam - Superhuman Serum A quick review of my favorite nootropic
Me briefly explaining my own effects of phenylpiracetam and some of the benefits of this wonderful nootropic substance



  • Sorry my phone camera keep unfocusing.... I'll see if I can better adapt that in the future
  • no side effects? is it anything similar to L-dopa? because that was a pretty decent nootropic i can highly reccomand Mucuna beans(powder) and L-dopa... but i suppose maybe if you have this one, you won't want mucuna... but mucuna was pretty good to help my dopamine levels and pyrimidal issues from antipsychotic meds that i was forced to take(wasn't pleasent scenario)
  • For studying is this better or aniracitam? Also what else would you recommend for studying?
  • Hi Colton where did you get the information on Lance Armstrong using Phenylpiracetam? I've been trying to find it online.. Thanks
  • People say it builds a tolerance fast.
  • Over simplified. Pouring a drink was extra. Just get to the point and cut out the extra fancy shenanigans Sir!
  • hey sir! how much is too much for a dose?
  • Great video thanks👍
  • dude... stopped the video as soon as i heard you chewing an apple. F***ing disgusting.
  • "Stupid people are easy to control" after you reveal you work for the company of the product you're reviewing. Lol.
  • Thanks for the great video! What is your dosage with this?
  • Safe for daily use?
  • You are kinda scatter brainy I notice
  • I seen a Mexican carrying an aiccompressor on his head and a huge tool box in his left hand and a bunch of air hoses and a brick in his right hand, he looked like a work truck lol I think he was on this stuff
  • Very helpful video. Just picked some up and about to try it!
  • Thank you for this info!!!☺
  • Hey man ive found your channel recently and find these videos very intriguing and interesting, currently i do have a lack of interest, focus energy and an overall higher quality of life.. i am a self entrepreneur at 27 and have long been interested in proper nootropics. What you describe here seems to be just what i need to get back to my quality of life and having that enhanced self awareness, i do have a few questions if your able to help me out. How does one aquire this ? And what are the reccomend doeses to take and how do you take them ? I will do my own further research as i watched your last video on nootropics and have written a few things down also. Would you reccomend starting with this compound to begin with? And are there others you would reccomend also. Thanks for this information and look forward any responce. Cheers.

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