URGENT: Bakkt officially delayed again...

URGENT: Bakkt officially delayed again...
URGENT: Bakkt officially delayed again...
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  • *ICE Official Document about the Delay:* https://www.theice.com/publicdocs/futures_us/exchange_notices/ICE_Futures_US-Notice_BitcoinLaunch20181231.pdf *Bakkt Medium Article:* https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/first-capital-raise-739db1bab6d3 *Coindesk Tweet:* https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/1079760070869766145
  • The Mother of All Bubbles is About to Burst....& the Fake SEC is soooo full of BS!!
  • I hat bakkt
  • Crypto overal its doing bad. Going to zero and useless.
  • Real reason is the shutdown.
  • Thank you Donald....pfff
  • It will not happen 2019. Btc it 2ill drop again 90%. Maybe 2 3 years from now to see bulls.
  • Bit...con....neeeccct
  • Called it. However, we don't need bakkt anyway.
  • Fuck baakt, fuck cftc and fuck bitcoin 💩💩💩 am out
  • Who cares - Ripple is a joke. So as the Board of Directors
  • F***bakkt
  • I see a lot of people say "we don't need Bakkt". Bitcoin didn't need Cme and Cboe yet it was them who shorted right? Even if we assume that they had no influence on the price, it meant they knew something. Now, again, futures will be created BUT they will get paid in bitcoins instead of cash. Why would they want bitcoin and not cash like Cme&Cboe? They knew it was going down and why would u want something that is losing value, right? Now they want bitcoin because it will grow in value, right? Cboe & Cme marked the ath. I assume bakkt will mark the bottom.
  • Is BAKKT still a thing ?
  • Bear trap!
  • Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect 😉
  • Bakkt = Bullshit
  • who cares,why ur fudding...
  • Happy New Year!
  • Drug Enforcement Agency reported that Mexican drug cartels are laundering cash by buying huge amount of Bitcoin through Over the counter via Chinese brokers in Hong Kong. Bitcoin is deemed as asset by drug cartels to invest and park their billions. Chinese traders are coordinating a super pump to corner Bitcoin before those drug money flow even more into OTC in Hong Kong. I will personally email Bitcoin Diamond foundation to approach OTC brokers in Hong Kong to promote Bitcoin Diamond as alternative asset to drug cartels.
  • Bitcoin has been absolutely fine without wall street... They can either get in now or they can get in later, their choice... But Crypto isn't going anywhere.
  • Visited BAKKT webpage there is no such document under the press release tab. This is FUD
  • I guess you can say, it just keeps on get pushed...BAKKT
  • Bakktconnecttttttt
  • They just want cheap crypto. I can tell what kind of businessman Trump was. I bet he got every deal with the best price. Trump, you're not going to get rid of me. I am not going to miss the crypto train.
  • I have to shit like a bear, hold back is difficult, but the toilet is busy, I stay calm and relaxed.
  • Don't be surprised if Bakkt is postponed to 2nd half of 2019. You need CFTC approval to say definitively when Bakkt launches
  • bakkt is a joke I prefer Eth
  • Hahaha as expected..
  • Bakkt is ready the SEC is not. The investment is there . Everyone is waiting for regulation . When it happens buckle up.
  • I wanted this because I don't want an unnecessary pump in the market, still need that dip btc $1500
  • GOOD!
  • I think Bakkt is delaying it on purpose so the price can drop and they can get in at a low price
  • Sunny, nobody gives a shit about Bakkt anymore. Just lock up and come back in 5 years. If we are still in play then great, if not then fuck it all.
  • Dude you know these people are fuding I dont own bitcoin at the moment but for all the people who do (and dont want to own xrp) suck it up and accumulate that btc.
  • Good work 👍
  • I fuckin* knew it! We don‘t even need this bakkt shit people don‘t understand that...!!!
  • Who cares. We need to stop with waiting on institution. Will it bring a great amount of capital...yes. but it is not or what ever has been the goal of the decentralized system
  • good! :) We don't need baakt or institutional money to go to 800.
  • We haven't shown Wall Street the 1k BTC they need to enter. We are going to have to dump very hard for the 2 months to help them. They'll keep delaying until we do. I would support wash trading between exchanges to lower the price to 1k BTC to help. We need them.
  • Delays, problems, delays delays .. hhmm.. what a surprise ;) Maybe a little optimistic/ignorant to think that Jewonist financial elites will let BC take a run.
  • Happy new year sunny you are the best warrior in crypto space i learnt lot from you last year .
  • Happy New Year sunny decree !
  • Sunny, happy new year man! From vienn a fallower
  • If they were ripple, they would get all aproval and certificates to rig Markets. Bakkt, Just Fake News?
  • I still think that the whole crypto space is still far too complicated, expensive and risky for the average person to be able to securely get into before that required mass adoption can take place.
  • Bakkt gets pushed bakkt again...
  • Scheiss auf Bakkt!!! Guten Rutsch und frohes, gesundes und glückliches 2019 wünsche ich euch! :-)
  • Bakkt is a joke

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