Support the stream: As cryptocurrency markets continue to remain overbought with short term bearish sentiment, I discuss an interesting pattern on Litecoin charts that could signal bulls. In this litecoin technical analysis we talk about ltc price and also some recent litecoin news. Litecoin HashRate - What Is HashRate? - ⚡ALL SUPERCHATS NOW GO TOWARDS OUR LAUNCHPAD FOUNDATION Live Chat Crypto Tips: Litecoin price makes another strong move ahead of Bitcoin. In this technical analysis video, we talk about LTC and what we may see next for LTC price. ⚡LaunchPad Foundation - 🛒 Shop Crypto Capital Venture - 🚀Free Access To Our Crypto Social Network LaunchPad! ₿ Exclusive Market Cap & News - 👨‍🚀Social Have a question or great topic for a video? Send me an email to 🔒Wallet I Recommend (Ledger Nano) - ____________________________________________________________________ 📝Legal: *'The above video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.' ____________________________________________________________________ Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.



  • Technical analysis @ 11:00
  • The dip is here!
  • $90 LTC
  • Higher price + Higher hash rate = Increased network security
  • When will the ltc correction happen? I'm trying to be patient to see if it hits between 80-75 or 70 so I can buy back in. It's hard because it seems to be holding 85+ pretty strongly over the past few days
  • what happenned to the ol introduction 5, 4,3, 2, 1
  • I think the days of big corrections are over for now. This will pause for breath and continue imho.
  • DGB seem like dead over a year now. Can't even spike or any uptrend.
  • Łitecoin holding well. With more good news in the pipeline (ref David Schwartz and John Kim twitter feeds) and with increased investment from XBT Provider (ETP) and Grayscale we could be ‘stepping’ higher. Łitecoin ‘halving hype’ on the horizon..........
  • Be cool if you can buy a Tesla with crypto. Reward the people that accept crypto and he's very influential.
  • Forget Tesla! Buy the new Audi Etron. (tesla killer)
  • Love the laid back atmosphere here.
  • Ltc to moon soon fools
  • I see it breaking through 110 to 160-180, test 90-110 again, sideways for some time and up from there again...
  • Based on the previous pattern, it looks like it will retrace about 50% or down to about $75-$80. Thanks Dan!
  • The case for litecoin is pretty simple i sold all my litecoin at 42 so its probably going to 500. Just hope I don't by back in I could destroy this whole bull market.
  • I drove a Tesla last month... It was pretty sweet actually. I wouldn't trust it for a primary car though. What happened to the convertible mustang?

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