Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019?

Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019?
Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019?
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  • vastrangelinks{com} are really cool working with they just got me 2 btc
  • Coinsfix .com got great service .I trade my bitcoins at their website
  • Thank you hackerreina5@gmail,com WhatsApp him+19252728344 I Still don’t believe I could finally experience a bitcoin hack they took all my coin,
  • The price of Bitcoin is a Euphoric emotional delusion.
  • I am sure you are right! It depends if the buyer knows and understands the risks! A great explanation in this video too:
  • Excellent analytics, looked at one breath bravo !!! Yes, now there is a big stir and I can advise you to xch4nge service where you can instantly buy and sell digital assets for Fiat.
  • Coin base app
  • $8100 5/15/19
  • The best altcoin for 2019 is (EXO) Exosis.The best HODL.
  • Read this amazing new at Sparkswap Seals $3.5m Seed Fund for Decentralized Exchange on Lightning Network #thecryptosight #cryptoinsight
  • if you know nothing about Cryptocurrency and you want to get into it, dont rely on Youtube videos to teach you how to trade or earn ...try reading trading books,follow analysis and most importantly get a trade instructor and dont be shy..ask man is an island..goodluck!!
  • I subscribed today! great content!
  • Dude, have you ever heard of tulip bulbs? Yup, tulips. The people who invented your stock market are still there and thriving, 400 years later. Bubbles and speculation is their game, and you are a playa, without even knowing it. Jan Pieterszoon Coen is the name to look for, but their Game is due for change. You can still get the licence plate of the truck that hit you.....
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  • Sell now, buy in the summer. We all know what happens in summer :)
  • Where i can find bitcoin support for tell something about the new
  • by 2020 when BTC halving it will be over 100k.
  • What's a Bitcoin?
  • Have you tried to compare the last two bull runs, are all the same? By your TA history repeats.
  • Max has been helping me with earning btc daily ! 🤑🤑 reach him on hackmax001@yahoo com
  • since middle of last year, always buy when BTC is dipping, it is the time to make some money and can sale some at 6200 level.
  • i had a detailed look at the top 100 BTC wallets. They are ALL accumulating since january. End of story, it's going to rise.
  • what about cardano (ada)?
  • Bitcoin is still in a steady upward trend, above the support of $5,070 and $5,000. Bitcoin prices are falling, but they still firmly support more than $5,000. In the hourly price chart, a key uptrend channel is being formed with support at $5,075. Currency prices may fall back to a few points of $5,070 and then rise to $5,360. Main support level - $5,100, followed by $5070
  • Even if it's not hitting 6000 in the next quarter, using paper based cash is outdated, while credit cards are unusable on the black market and the black won't disappear in the nex 50 years. So cryptocurrencies will stay with us in the long run.
  • Would you kindly disappear? You and people alike artificially trying to hike up the market prices of this scam through making others buy it, only to sell the stock yourself and thus drop the market price again It was supposed to be an inside currency, but you people made artificial gold out of it. I hope this will soon be called out and die out for good.
  • I like how you said that, very few bought the very bottom and they probably average cost anyway". Great advice.
  • 比特币仍然处于稳定的上升趋势,高于5,070美元和5,000美元的支撑位。 比特币的价格正在下降,但仍然坚定地支持超过5000美元。 在小时价格图表中,正在形成一个关键的上行通道,支撑位在5,075美元。 货币价格可能会回落至5070美元的几个点,然后向5360美元的方向上升。主要支持水平 - 5,100美元,其次是5070美元
  • best crypto youtuber ever (regards from Egypt)
  • comparing the value of btc from april 2017 its lower than now 2019 april because in may was under 2k and gone over 2k at the end of month
  • This guy is right i shouldn't buy.. *transaction completed* Oh well..
  • this monopoly money should be in the toilet
  • sunny: bearish divergence Btc price: I'll go up sunny: ascending triangle Btc price: i'll go down I will be a sunny decree contrarian.
  • 6k here we come. 100x :-}
  • If high fees protect against spam why do you need a solution to high fees?
  • Bitcoin won't go to zero or $1 or $5 or $10 etc...because I would buy them all up 😄
  • Lightning is not Bitcoin. BTC is just high fee coin. Read the Whitepaper.
  • $4600 incoming
  • Litecoin is a cryptocurrency for the huskies: Likecoin – криптовалюта за лайки
  • My money in a bank is FDIC secure. My bank account is secure from theft. My identity is secure from being hacked and money stolen. I don't have to worry about losing all my money if I forget my bank account. I don't have to worry about someone killing me for my private keys. I don't have to worry about my bank\exchange from being hacked. I don't have to worry about my wallet being hacked. I don't have to pay a premium of 2% to buy cash. I don't have to worry about buy a product with the dollar if the merchant is a scam artist. I don't have to worry about being databases in the chain forever for illegal activities that I have committed. I don't have to covert $5200 of my hard earned money for one Bitcoin plus exchange fees of $78. Bitcoin is a great idea and the blockchain will take over every thing. Just not now. It is a long way away. Right now it is all billionaire whales and criminals crewing others over through a huge pyramid scheme. Early adopters are raping those that buy in later!
  • Yes, Sunny. We are going to make sick gains.
  • You called it sunny it's going back down to 4k !!
  • Bitcoin doesn’t seem to care about divergences lately. When volume unexpectedly spikes, divergence means nothing.
  • The questions sunny decree asked at 8:57 were golden. Do you understand Bitcoin? Do you believe in the fundamentals of Bitcoin? If not then signup for my course to learn the basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain.
  • Bitcoin the Honey Badger
  • You're the best, Sunny
  • XRP the world currency ;)
  • But why bitcoin and not some other, faster and less energy consuming crypto?
  • We could go to 6000 in *"minutes"*

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