I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week | Beginner Crypto

I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week | Beginner Crypto
I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week | Beginner Crypto
I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week I Beginner Crypto Robinhood In this video I tried Day Trading with some Bitcoin investments on robinhood. I am a complete beginner when it comes to bitcoin and crypto currency, i'm also a complete beginner when it comes to day trading. I just found some indicators and trading strategies online and went from there. I used tradingview for tracking bitcoin and and app called robin hood to buy and sell bitcoin. Ricky Guiterrez. Crypto trading analysis price news. complete beginner.



  • cmon just dish out a quick like on the video
  • God I remember the horrible stress of day trading for a year straight, got almost no sleep, constantly watched the charts even while at work as a mechanic, had all of them up on my computer screens in the shop, it was my life, made money thanks to that huge Bitcoin bubble but God I'm happy I'm done with all that, not the best way to live
  • You look like Dicaprio in his younger years 😅
  • What's the name of the app?
  • You are making like 1% a trade.. that wouldn’t even cover commissions with a broker. You should look into options trading. I’m in an options trading group and we are making like 30-500% gains within the first hour or so of market open.
  • If you could make money from just Stochastic RSI anyone trading would be rich. Oscillators like Stoch RSI can stay Oversold or Overbought for days or even weeks (especially on a daily chart).
  • pure gamble who went right
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  • Waw ! That's so very cool ! Question : If I buy for a 1000$ worth of bitcoin, at the price 1BTC = 10,000$ and suddenly the price drops to 9000$, do I loose all my investment ?? or can I just hold, breathe, and wait for it to reach 11,000$ to be profitable again ? Thank you
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  • do this video again, but learn maMACD, RSI, and moving average! those three indictors can help you a lot! the strategy is to combine the three. so you aren't relying on just one indicator. Basically, you want the RSI < 20, You want the MACD to be in the red moving back towards the green looking for the cross, and then moving over to be breaking out above the line. If all three of these line up you can easily make 1 to 3% a day.
  • Everyone bashes Robinhood for their bitcoin trading, but if I'm just looking to just make a few extra bucks with some money it's perfect right? ie. Not a source of income? Really new, expert tips would be great!
  • Made $300 today thanks bro
  • 10,301 : “and now it’s almost at $10,400!”
  • What is that website name.!
  • wait hold up can you explain the paper trading because I might just go for that
  • ealogs. com helped mined my bitcoins to 2 btc
  • that “entrepreneur” had me dying 😂
  • freemindcracker@yahoocom are really legit, they got me over $5000 through bitcoin.
  • What car do you have
  • Who want 1 month of day trading now?
  • Dude bitcoin is a scam!!!
  • (((HELP=NEEDY=PEOPLE=PLEASE))) (Little from your Crypto Wallet) 1FLVsGH4jU…Haqp622Gb1
  • jom joing cryptocurrenny DDKOIN on SIMEX and DOBI
  • Are beginners always lucky with forex?
  • ThEn tHey‘Re ovErSoLD
  • So is bitcoin just for speculative day traders and not for long term investing?
  • I actually want to invest 50$ ...but im confused... i need suggestions
  • U also got to factor in taxes when making market trades, they dip into your profits
  • Usually I don’t comment, but I’m really liking these stock videos
  • lol i listen this time . my bad
  • what app are u using bro?
  • whats that app for trading
  • www.worldimport.at
  • How do you cash out on Robin Hood though does it cost?
  • ou should but when the market is just about going up and you should sell when the market is going down
  • I love the little goofy morning routine. So cute! Lol
  • this is so cute
  • look and talk about HYDNORA COIN - POS on the telegram WALLET! and CASHBACK real shops!
  • funny part if he waited with the money till 8.12.19 = he would had made..... 11,400. = so about around $2,000 profit... >.> or even $2,600 if he sold it when it hit 12,000 to 12,300. Biggest thing about stock market is.... Patience... alot people sell too early because they afraid to fail, but its not a bad trait, Sometimes it might be better to get out early than to wait to sell high. Also invest money you willing to lose, do your research. And just because you losing money, doesnt mean it bad thing, cause loss is only a loss when you sell. But defiantly have "Stop Lose Limit" Cause recovery might take longer if something drops over 30%. But this is just something i learned with using Robinhood as new person as well.
  • Use coinbase for bitcoin cheap prices good fees https://www.coinbase.com/join/maggs_z
  • bro if you bought it at 9500 rn you would be like 300$ richer
  • It’s perfectly fine to invest in crypto just as long as you don’t get emotional like the guy said
  • Lol you got emotional with the stop loss
  • I had a hard time trading until I met Mr Mike who helped me manage my account in. Great way .. @mike_m.e is his Instagram handler send him a message and receive the wonders of bitcoin . Wish you all the best
  • i got 2btc from hacktivisitworld .com
  • They wake up so early to try and not miss the market open. But since crypto currencies don't got no shit like that. Waking up at 2pm is the lifestyle you wanna target.
  • Great video, were doing a similar beginners cryptocurrency challenge over on our channel but starting with a $100 and seeing how much we can make in 90 days. Would love you to check it out, we also are teaching beginners about our trades as we go
  • What app are you using bro

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