Bitcoin is in a Demographic MEGA-TREND!πŸš€

Bitcoin is in a Demographic MEGA-TREND!πŸš€
Bitcoin is in a Demographic MEGA-TREND!πŸš€
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  • *Survey:*
  • Love videos like this Sunny. Not just talking about the price and T.A but also some facts and interesting articles, news. Keep it up :)
  • Pena is a financial rapist who doesn't understand BTC are the cops!🀣
  • Hey Sunny..... I dig you, and i dig your channel.... but this time you need to be schooled................Do you wanna know why all those 80 year old men are calling BTC a fraud? Because they understand the difference between INTRINSIC VALUE, and COLLECTIVE DELUSION. Young people do NOT understand the difference. Intrinsic value is value IN AND OF ITSELF. so when someone shows you a bar of silver, or a gun, or food, or any other item that has value IN AND OF ITSELF....They are showing you TRUE VALUE We all know what guns do in an of themselves... they are physical protection in the real world.... we know what food does to sustain life, as well as being irreplaceable for that task... and we know that silver is also an irreplaceable metal that makes solar panels, cell phones, and is used in electrical applications that cannot be scientifically substituted by any other element. We understand the difference between REAL objects that deliver value IN AND OF THEMSELVES and COLLECTIVE DELUSIONS. Bitcoin is a DELUSION. It does not feed the body, or create electronics, or protect us from physical harm, or do ANYTHING other than be a blip on a computer screen. It is a COLLECTIVE DELUSION among the populous. That is a fact, not an opinion. One day you will grow older and wiser and understand WHY those old men laugh at your childish notions of reality. (mic drop) next subject please)
  • Z E R O E R O
  • lololol sunny decree's channel, a veritable sausage fest πŸ˜‚ 😎
  • good job Sunny!
  • i'm over 50.....started in BTC in 2016.....sold some BTC in 2017 and paid off my i claimed cryptoretirement.zil.....;)
  • you wourld get the same 120 yrs ago/ car/ house and buggy
  • Very simply put - if youngsters who now know about bitcoin will get jobs when onder and will be able to afford it, we will see even 100k bitcoin. But that might be in 10 years, right?
  • 04:35 xD
  • 81?
  • Love the dan pena clip in hahaha ZERO!
  • So the moral of the story is: don't listen to old men, because you know they don't understand bitcoin.
  • Munger and Buffett are dinosaurs. Their time is up soon.
  • hi sunny, love your channel, watch every episode of yours, they are great and thank you! FYI, I am a lady of 50+, and i own just 1+ BTC and will accumulate more, started since 2 months ago. Ciao!
  • “Old people” are the wisest people on earth with our lifetimes worth of trading experience. You can’t just brush them off as old. They may have a point, they’ve seen many markets crash and go in the past. That doesn’t mean BTC is going to die but I take their words over any YouTubers... I’m heavily invested in crypto so I hope they’re wrong
  • bitcoin is rat poison and the bankers are rats
  • Can you do a Video to cosmos (atom) please?
  • Also, the bears are mostly people who have made their wealth and will undoubtedly lose some if Bitcoin and Crypto prosper.
  • ZERO πŸ™ƒ
  • you left out the part where he ( Dan Pena) says he knows who created bitcoin? why?
  • I’m 67 and holding and waiting I’m a believer baby Let’s make some money
  • BITCOIN IS GREAT BUT HAVE MAJOR FLAW. Few entities own almost all bitcoins.
  • THIS TREND LINE ALREADY NOT WORKING. AND YOU STILL USING IT. if it is then we gonna buy at 3400$ :D
  • I thought megatron
  • "ZERO", LOL, There was a time hearing that would get me defensive and a little angry, now I can´t stop laughing. Quite comical :)
  • They say zero because they don't want BTC to out price their gold bags that they are sitting on. They are old and set in their thinking. Sucks to be them when the bull run starts. Little does he know but Gold is also digital because you never really have physical possession of it just paper. Paper gold is like paper fiat not worth anything when inflation takes hold and the bank run starts.
  • lets go for 100k ! i
  • those old man is lier
  • how can bitcoin go to zero? impossible ! als long as people just believe in it as a store of value, they will keep holding and investing in it, each month, years after years, it is predestined to appreciate in value to meet the demand for store of value. There is so much money and assets out there, stocks, real estate, paper money, deposits, I believe if btc takes 1 % of those assets, just 1 %, one btc will be multiple millions dollar worth.
  • Zero lol
  • Their crap is old. Thanks
  • ZERO!!!! Haha, funny old goat. :D
  • it would be interesting to know if there are women interested not only in bitcoin but in traditional finance as well
  • I’m over 60 and a woman, I’ve been trading since the beginning of 2017. I guess that makes me a very rare beast indeed .
  • Dude - I'm 55 this year ! (still sounds wierd to me) - Just goes to prove Growing old is compulsory......... Growing Up - Optional !
  • dan pena is fantastic but behind the times with crypto
  • As always - right on the money!!
  • If it helps my wife looks at your videos with me :)
  • well i respect all 3 guys in the videos, of course you too sunny, i think critic is needed, because crypyto is not a religion , it is a technologie that can be improved
  • Zero!! 😝😝😝 good job sunny.. made me lough
  • Excellent video!
  • This is a battle between the young generation and old generation.
  • The new generations will eventually replace our financial structure while the old generation die out with their financial systems.
  • they're afraid, plain n simple
  • Zerooo! hahaha
  • Old men yelling at Bitcoin

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