Bitcoin Price Update & S&P500 Trading on Bitmex soon...!?!?

Bitcoin Price Update & S&P500 Trading on Bitmex soon...!?!?
Bitcoin Price Update & S&P500 Trading on Bitmex soon...!?!?
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  • Winners don't use drugs...
  • You are right most of the contents in his courses I can learn from your channel for free and I admire you for that. Do I feel I paid to much for that course? Yes I think I did paid to much. The only thing I like about his course is the strategy, when to buy and when to sell and it took me a while to understand it because it has for me to get rid of my emotions when trading. I can tell you base on my personal experience his strategy works. It does not really matter to me whether I got scammed or not as long as I get my money back for what I paid for his course by applying his strategy. It is totally fine with me. Bottomline is you have to have a strategy or you will lose a lot of money in this market. Could I have develop the same strategy by listening to you or to other youtube channel? I doubt it. For that I don't regret buying that course at all in fairness to Steve Courtney.
  • Love your comments Sunny!!! "If it takes can go can go VERY fast".........gave me a good chuckle this am!
  • I didn't realize Switzerland is now part of Scandinavia lol
  • It can go fast. And it can go fast, very fast. Very true!
  • I would love to see a video as to why so many support a coin that the banksters love since one of the main reasons we support crypto is to screw the banks. Yes, I’m talking about xrp.
  • Bitmex overloaded from time to time? I'd say ALL THE TIME when it matters the most (while prices move)...
  • At the top of long time daily wedge edge? Still fucking buy? What the FUUUUUUUCK! Short the shit Goddamn it. Feeling like vomiting of this fucking buy buy buy buy buy
  • Love your channel =) Daily follower
  • listen to this guy and get rekt
  • When will they allow americans? Seems shitty...
  • Bitmex news is great for those of us in countries that are banned from investing in US markets
  • I’m wondering if nations will ever build their own second layer solution for bitcoin. I country secured lightning network where the government has greater visuals of every trade for tax purposes, and also freedom for users to withdraw onto the main chain for international or just larger transactions.
  • $2k please 🤘
  • HEY sunny-side up, maybe bitcoin just wants to grow BiG, because he's tired of being so SMALL!!
  • SUNNY DECREE PLEASE, could you look at - it looks like CMC is obsolete :) You can pick your favourite coins and they have free API !!! Could you prepare a video about creating own Crypto Balance sheet in excel which uses API data from a web ?? Very appreciated :)
  • sunny must be single crypto tuber not to mention binance de listing faketoshi's brainchild
  • Sunny, when you think the golden cross will be? In 2 weeks?
  • When the price is going up, the price is going up!
  • Derivatives and crypto=another bitconnect
  • Now USA will come with all power to kill bitmex... With reasons
  • You have the best BYE
  • I buy bitcoin when it stops dropping. After huge capitulation
  • Is it possible to long term hold on bitmex? I opened a 25x at the current price, I don’t think it will go much lower now.
  • and it can go fast...very fast...
  • Great news. Thanks BitMEX needs proper app on phones like binance. Would be nice to long on lunch break. 👍
  • Please don't forget that a lot of people bought at the 6k level and don't want to sell below that. Once BTC hits 6k, all of those people will dump their BTC and say they will never buy BTC again. They just want to get out with no losses. THAT'S when I predict BTC will have a major correction. Down to what level? Well, no one knows.
  • FFFF Arthur. Only idiots wants to trade BTC for S&P500.
  • I agree with your analysis completely. Too many parrots screaming for "1 more final capitulation dip before we go to the moon", simply means that it won't happen. They have missed the $3k train, now it's whether they want to buy in now or wait till higher.
  • Bitcoin ‘halving hype’ keeps getting closer....
  • It’s the same sideways action that we have had most of this year. It is just that it has been pumped up to 5K. Because some random unknown person decided to buy $100 million with a bitcoin. If that person decides to sell. We will go right back down to 4000. And then more sideways.. until something very major and big happens. To bring in new money to this market. It is just the same money going round and round. Yes there are some people who buy a bit of crypto every couple of weeks from the paycheck. But in general most of this market is the same money.
  • Does that mean no more VPN use in America
  • Crypto jesus hayes. Also big whales accumulating know. Check bitcoin whale tracker on twitter. Buy orders from 500-1000 btc every 6hrs on different exchanges. Ths happend before the move from 4,2k to 5k as well.
  • Crypto jesus hayes. Also big whales accumulating know. Check bitcoin whale tracker on twitter. Buy orders from 500-1000 btc every 6hrs on different exchanges. Ths happend before the move from 4,2k to 5k as well.
  • Sunny saying why havent the whales dumped it yet? Well why have they not pumped it to 6k yet? They are distributing btc Each pump is lower than the last
  • Excellent video Sunny.
  • Reality is that you are newbie in TA - Sellers are on your screen in front of your eyes - those who bought up BTC from 3.5K now slowly are selling it for 5K and taking profits to not cause panic - and yes for next couple of weeks for this reason you will see BTC price to go down not up and panic will start and they will sell even cheaper - are you blind man - you have seen over and over again and still make same BS videos - This is why we traders who see it can make profits from moonboys like you :))) - ACORDING THIS I CAN PREDICT YOUR FUTURE VIDEO CONTENT HERE IT IS: Next week you will still be bullish - but price will be dropping In two weeks you will start blaming - that we needed a pull back - but price still will be dropping In three weeks price will still be dropping - you will say in your videos that we are going for double bottom :)))) You are so funny man - I draw you a line - you say line - I draw you a cross - you say cross - Start using your brain man
  • Maybe the sellers wanna sell at 6k not 5k 👌😎💥💥
  • NOBODY IS SELLING UNTIL $20,000 ---- Trust me on that = You know why. It will be a very short sell off down to $17,000 ----- then insanity will prevail. BTC will zoom to $100,000 shortly afterward. People won't say "hey, sell my one BTC" instead they will say "gimme $100 worth of BTC" it is very important that you remember that. folks will only care about little sprinkles and dust bunnies of BTC because that is all they will be able to afford. If you are not on the BTC bus as of today, then just let me know in a few months and I'll kick you in the face and spit on your haircut. The End. I am serious, I know this for sure. Also, YES this was total financial advice. I just gave financial advice. Damn good advice!
  • Lol the reason bitmex always overloaded when having big pump or dump is simple: so many bots use to auto trade on time and avoid small trader execute command when pumping or dumping. And of course when the pump & dump ends, the system is normal :).
  • S&P 500 on BitMEX, that's awesome! :-)
  • You do know that this massive FOMO that is going on since April 2nd only makes sure institutions can distribute right? For every market buy there is a limit sell. The 'fake out' was just a stop-loss hunt for shorts already in the market. The consolidation period is extended (last couple of days) because institutions don't want to get fear into the market. They want idiots to buy at 5k and then short the market. This small pump? Look at the volume. Just to create the idea of a market that isn't exhausted. I'm calling bitcoin 4k level within two weeks based on market sentiment, bearish divergence and lack of bullish volume.
  • Bitcoin isn't a person. it doesn't "want" to do anything.
  • Ofc its overloaded during pumps and dumps. Why would they give out Free money
  • bitmex is scared of digitex , thats why they are trying to save themselfs
  • spot on Sunny yess
  • Do not trade on bitmex!! Trade on bitseven. Bitmex has a trading group that trades against its customers which causes constant fluctuation in their price range. It tends to jip a lot of people out of money. bitseven however is a fair listing that uses only three exchanges to determine its price range.
  • Why would you always leave eveything open? One day you say "the bottom is in" the other day you say it couldbe extremely bearish. I know you try to gather all informaiton, but this is actually confusing and leads to FUD. I would love to see you, even if you are wrong sometimes, to have an grounded and clear opinion and not just an opinion lead by day to day informations. Anyway amaing job

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