🚫MINDBLOWING: Will the U.S. Government ban Bitcoin!?🚫

🚫MINDBLOWING: Will the U.S. Government ban Bitcoin!?🚫
🚫MINDBLOWING: Will the U.S. Government ban Bitcoin!?🚫
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  • The lambs are changing their real money for cryptos... Later... the lambs will be slaughtered. Same old same old.
  • I'm an American citizen, pro- btc!!! Come see us in Naples Florida
  • Very nice episode 👍
  • Hahahaha like this is a shock.. this guy needs to be fired and jailed
  • What effect did prohibition have on the price of alcohol? What effect has the war on drugs had on the price of illicit substances? If any government makes bitcoin illegal and people are still prepared to go to jail for owning some a “war on crypto” will only drive the prices up.
  • Btc going 90000$ in one year
  • Great video! Me Sherman needs to be voted out of office.
  • Nobody in this country has the authority to ban adults from anything. We do what we want, as we always will.
  • The man is nuts! It is like banning Tesla & other electro car companies to sustain Petroleum companies.
  • One word: Banking. Two words: Federal Reserve. All of those guys feel threatened. They want a completely digital currency that only they - and they alone - control.
  • Social benefits,.. Fuck USA idiota
  • Mr. Berns Bold ( tranny She R Man ) buy a Big Afro wig with your dollars cause Btc is far from your grid...
  • This is great video news headline. Thank you for posting this for everyone to see "the core trouble". And this kind of attitude from politicians is not just limited to US. This is worldwide problem. We have to take this power away because they abused it big-time. It is time for all of us to begin thinking about what role we need government to play. We still need government otherwise we won't have legal arm to throw criminals in jail who violate rights to life, liberty and,pursuit of happiness.
  • Mr Sherman ...your a cxnt
  • Bitcoin is useless shit. Even myself wouldn't use it for any payment. After 5 Years in Crypto i have to agree in some points with that guy. I mean 90% what happend in the past was illegal. Check out the Dapp space on all platforms. As Example TRX, EOS, IOST..... Just Pyramids, Casinos, DailyROI (Tronbet integrated Slot Machines without any permission) highly Illigel stuff. I mean even a 8 year old boy can lose everything.
  • Take the power away from the school bully
  • If the US bans bitcoin the exchanges in the US will just move out of the US. They cannot block the actual technology can they?
  • suunyyyyy suznyyyyy sunyyyyy we faking made it we broke the 63.64 .65 yes baby we have brek it :D
  • ((Brad Sherman)) doesnt want his jewish bankers losing any shekels
  • They ain't going to ban shit, they just yapping their mouth blah blah blah
  • CONTRARIAN DUDE.. Sends his regards. 😉
  • Maybe they will ban stamps and baseball cards too! What an ignorant people on such a high places. We dont fucking care what Shermans Says. Maybe he can go live in a cave back to the old days! Corrupt fuck
  • it's called manipulation by the 1%. They want to liquidate allllll the shorts there are and so they are sending the price up.... then it'll come crashing down again, still a year away from the halvening. gonna get rejected and on the 2nd attempt break above the 6k range, or 7k or w.e we get rejected at
  • keep shorting bitcoin lol
  • They should banned his hair its unamerican
  • sherman is an idiot and crypto is the future period. they fear it because their all their power is in fake paper and keeping people in imaginary debt crypto is controlled by the people
  • I think the difference between Bitcoin and Altcoins prices is a strong indication of some price manipulations. Be careful!
  • It won't happen. Bills are introduced every day that never make it. Most of them in fact. And confiscation of property is unconstitutional. And the IRS has recognized BTC as property, not currency. This guy is on drugs, and I highly doubt he will be taken seriously. Such action won't stop Bitcoin, and it will leave the US behind, and possibly cause hyperinflation as it replaces the petrodollar. And I will just travel abroad and spend my BTC on gold or whatever as the dollar hyperinflates.
  • Bradley Sherman is a mental midget . . . 🤡
  • Countries should fight over BTC dominance before they are in an economic disadvantage. As American Dollars are already being heavily dumped on and it can no longer sustain itself as a safe haven store of purchasing power and I believe a recession is likely coming by the end of the year or around the start of 2020
  • Fuker is saying it with a smile
  • Crooked ass politician paid off
  • What the fuck is wrong with sitting in your pajamas and becoming a millionaire
  • Kaiser report with Peter Schiff. Minute 15:40. Poor Peter. https://youtu.be/ebRC61AqWHs
  • Great video !!
  • if the us find way to control cryptocurrency btc will be rise to the moon fear from something can't control
  • Great video, love the sarcasm!
  • I hope this whig has a heart attack. This is just another way to keep the poor in check and keep the power in the hands of a select few
  • Dont believe what he said . If the government encourages everyone to buy bitcoin, they have no control .
  • So basically ban cryptocurrencies so the all mighty USA doesn’t lose its power.
  • Sherman go home and take your medication... Americas dumbest politician... You win... Ffs..
  • This California Libearal Democrat DOUCHBAG, is just another asshole from Cali trying to squash freedom. Anything that empowers citizens is bad for them. So he has a conflict of interest! Don't worry, they try everyday to take our guns, but it just made the market boom under Obama!
  • Love the intro sunny
  • The deep state does not die easily. You are right they would fall behind so they would be insane to ban it,
  • everyone exiting tether.... price goes up...
  • Alt coins is going to moon, please be alert people 😍😍😍..
  • Sunny, please put the Mic a bit away, it’s blocking your face and looks weird
  • everyone checking their coinbase behind him lol

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