Bitcoin Investing: How rich can you get realistically?

Bitcoin Investing: How rich can you get realistically?
Bitcoin Investing: How rich can you get realistically?
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  • I have been living stress free since I got my first withdrawal from trading binary and stock through Mr Reynold Benjamin. Earning a minimum of 10,000 monthly and my aim is to grow more accounts and trade stocks myself by 2020
  • When it comes to bitcoin mining Denis Law is the best manager so far
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  • Warren Buffet is a top investor, I don't know where people are getting off on throwing insults his way, that's just petty tbh... He clearly knows what he's doing in what he understands, but he just doesn't seem to understand the concept of crypto. We don't need to be all totalitarian about it and either 100% agree or disagree with the man, pick and choose. He clearly deserves to be admired and acknowledged for his skills and just because he's not right on one thing doesn't eradicate that.
  • Rollback just killed my trust in bitcoin
  • 80 year olds aren't going to understand new tech.
  • Just aksing is it worth holdind BCH So much DRAMA with BCH ;/
  • Most people dont know who Judas is... the audience just laughed lol
  • 1000-3000x long term
  • my government wants to force our pensions to partially go to highly unprofitable state owned companies, im kinda tempted to swap the pension for a second btc wallet that ill build up for very long term.
  • ahahahh oh yes they will not be around, bless their Souls
  • Buffet constantly promote what he love which is a product harmful to human being, Coke.
  • I have missed the boat on BTC, that's why I am heavily invested in altcoins, no btc. As suppoman (another youtuber) says: BTC is for wealth preservation, while altcoins are for wealth generation. Figure it out. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, thanks anyway Sunny Decree, but yes, you are a BTC maximalist, everyone already figured it out.
  • Munger and Buffett getting so old it hard for them to hide the fact that they are playing by their own rules in a system rigged for their benefit. Their blatant dismissal and disrespect of Bitcoin and those involved is despicable.
  • lol that dan pena clip..
  • They look like they are about to have a heart attack right on their table...Jesus!!! How old are these dinosaurs!!!???!!!
  • Sad I didn't buy in 2013-2016, Happy I didn't buy in 2017-2018, ahh it all works out lol
  • Bitcoin most likely would not see the actual bull run we all hope to see until towards the Year’s end but the current trend is a blessing because it presents an incredible opportunity. The coin is still very much affordable now and buying a bunch is pretty easy but then, what happens next is what matters most and what will count eventually. For me, my chosen strategy which i was introduced to by Robbert Wiegman was to make a buy and then keep trading to increase my portfolio using only my initial coins. I ventured into this system with just 4btc and i intend to keep doing so until when the dull force of the bulls take charge. I have made return on investment of over 6 times already in the last few month. Robbert is without any doubt one of the best in the space today especially due to the accuracy and simplicity of his system. All who need some guidance in making profit or recovering already made losses may contact him by mail/whatsapp *(robbertwiegman@gmailcom/+44 7480 727034)* to see how he may be of help to you. Don’t worry you are welcome
  • those two geriatrics look like those muppet show grandpas that hate on everything
  • Everyone gets old Sunny, that's pretty low to make fun of someone for that. You lost some respect here.
  • Everyone shitting on Buffet and Munger like they're better investors then these legends. LOL all because they don't like your precious bitcoin. Get over it.
  • I couldn't tell. Does he still have all his teeth?
  • Looking back to 08 if I just new more about bitcoin but was to scared to invest because of lack of knowledge. Knowing me I would have put my coins in Mt. Gotx's. Its allway easy to look back but it not to late to start and I did a year ago when the market was going down . 3100.00 was the lowest I got sum Bitcoin and a gut feeling it was the bottom
  • I have come to the realization that even the wails have bots. The equation is time + parentage sold divided by current price then sell, price fall then repeat. Humans can not win this day and age.
  • They will die in next 3 years
  • Perspective!!!
  • what if you moma did your uncle instead of your dad!?? common man!
  • Okay buffet isn’t stupid, his organization is holding bitcoin. He has a reason why he’s not publicly supporting it. But he can’t honestly believe that bitcoins doesn’t have intrinsic value.
  • According to that calculator I would have about 7 Bitcoins by now.... but I played the ALT coins and lost about 4 Bitcoins in the process... fuk... I better play them Alt coins harder over the next few months and more than double my stack just to break even again. Oh well, suppose I will put everything into Tether and wait for it to moon...
  • Love seeing 100 year olds laugh at technology
  • The fella shouting bitcoin is going to zero reminds me of this classic.
  • Warren Buffett was 20 years late to the party with Amazon and Apple. If he is still around in 2030, rest assured he will probably buy a trillion dollars or so of it, and be the head cheerleader.
  • Human Vultures..
  • In 2010 someone bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Today, that is worth $57.5 million...
  • Thank you Sanny
  • two rich fart
  • Два богатых пердуна...
  • First they ignore you...
  • 🤔
  • 🤔
  • well this gets me back to late november/early december of 2011 when I entitled BTC as a scam. In Senator Davis words
  • BTC was not the best asset of the planet. XRP ROI is currently 5.075%, BTC currently 4.155% according to CMC
  • If I would have spent even HALF of the money I "invested" into Magic the Gathering to Bitcoin instead, I would be a millionaire right now, instead of trying to sell off a massive quantity of cardboard for a few thousand dollars. #Lifechoices
  • Hi Sunny great vid. I was wondering if you could do a video about your eventual selling strategy. I believe that most people fail to make a profit not only because they fail to buy low, but also because they fail to sell high and continue to simply hodl. I made this mistake in 2017 after hodling since 2015. The other mistake is to sell too soon and not catch peak price. I guess some kind of strategy in which you 'scale out' as bitcoin is mooning in order to minimise risk is the best thing to do. But I don't know the best method. It would be a shame to hodl for so long again and then miss the best opportunity to sell.
  • I heard first about bitcoin in 2009 and bought first in 2018 °_°
  • Dawlars Sunny?
  • Link for Bitcoin Savings Calculator -

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