Bitcoin Bull Market Confirmed?

Bitcoin Bull Market Confirmed?
Bitcoin Bull Market Confirmed?
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  • *LONG or SHORT Bitcoin with Leverage:* *Bitmex Tutorial:* *Peter Brandt Tweet:* *Bitcon Price Models:*
  • Halo teman-teman. membaca artikel ini Security Expert Ted Harrington: Weak Leadership More to Blame for Cyber Vulnerabilities than Hackers
  • Going to the moon now 🤑🤑
  • hey if u guies want a video on btc cycle check that link it was by far the best i found his analysis is really good btc ends on 300,000 usd in this analysis
  • I remember last week ur were saying bitcoin to 1000 usd 😂 I hate all this damn youtubers
  • why do you talk so confident only about btc? there much better alternatives coinsin my opinion.ada, nem, xrp much easier to useand they are much faster.And fees.... Btc has such a huge feesfor transactions.itis morethen a dollar right now. PoS way looks more promising. stop calling it shitcoins.
  • Hi sunny 🦖
  • Thanks for forecasting
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  • thanks for your amazing videos..
  • Sunny Dick in here 😜
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  • Fuck you scammer
  • we got rejected by the 21 ema monthly and until we break out of it, we are still in bear market
  • Are you Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nephew?
  • In a few weeks, everyone will get rekt by whales again.. Prepare your tears !
  • Cool
  • NVT flashing red.not what you expect in an accumulation phase.bull trap incoming.moon boys need to panick sell first.
  • Disbelief phase by sunny
  • Really your paying attention to Peter the deleter
  • Every one is just guessing including sunny he never gives a definitive answer
  • It is definitely going to go up or down guaranteed
  • AVOID BITCOIN SCAM! It is useless and worthless "Get quick rich scheme", nothing more. Pumpers are trying to hype the pyramid. It was $0.000000000001 not long time ago. Now some losers are paying fortune to gamble.
  • I’m surprised there aren’t any popular youtubers who work on these projects. I would start a channel, but it would not be popular as I call crypto garbage trash constantly.
  • You think there will come a retracement? Or a short term price drop. I hope we will have that in a month
  • it was 1 guy that bought 20K of btc over 3 exchanges that caused the price to surge 500-600$, then ppl just fomo'd in and caused this "mini bullrun". Now if volume doesn"t increase we will see a test of the lower support levels.
  • According to the charts a bull market has not been confirmed
  • Oh dear, videos about bullrun everywhere now....we know what that means.
  • Sunny, looks like yesterday your video and ETH giveaway was a total SCAM. How can you do that. If it's a scam then I will everyday write on every channel about your fraud until you are out from this Crypto market. I already did in 4/5 channel. I don't work and 24 hrs free time. So, non-stop continue warning people from your fraud.
  • That isnt a bullish pennant it only has one point of contact on the top line.
  • 2:26 your arrow points to two stacks that look like the trade centers, it might be a good omen since we all came together after that epic tragedy for support.
  • Late. I called the bottom at the time. :p
  • Objective analysis, thank you.
  • No,. 🤔 there are big sell orders above 6000 🤔.
  • whales made their move already hoping that we will follow up with the fomo and it's working. I won't fall for that again.
  • Hi Sunny, I follow your video, news, analysis and then make my decision. I'm sure you are one of the top Crypto news YouTuber. Hey man , what happened to the ETH/ Vitalik ether giveaway. I didn't receive mine yet. It was from my binance account.
  • tsk tsk - you even drew the bullish pennant. Now at 5200 :-)
  • Wonderful video of tech analysis about crypto and bitcoin as a whole im an investor and own a few companies and have invested into bitcoin and ether and currently at 40% all time gains I got in at the 1000-3000 range on btc and now thinking of starting a crypto corp side from my main investment company. I like your balanced in site on the crypto market and i will keep an eye on this channel! Great job been watching a year or so now and have moved tech stocks to play the crypto market and i find your content the most honest. I jumped on when i saw you delete all that bcc and call out that scam great job sunny! Here's a tip once spellcheck doesn't flag the word crypto as an unknown word and companies like Samsung keep adding Crypto wallets onto their cellphones devices the bear market will be in full effect. Cheers!
  • Where are you sunny price is pumping!
  • 2021 -> 100k
  • Play safe in the end :D
  • 5:15 we didn't break out clearly, what we did looks like the second peak in 2015
  • LTC almost 5x in this "bear market" lol
  • sunny D, $3980 usd is a lot of money in my country.... when it will hurt me is if bitcoin goes to $0
  • TronCone 🍆, is tight like De Jesus . XR 🥜, is like 2 fries 🍟
  • Thanks Sunny! And absolutely YES, the VOLUME of 'Shit Coins' has solely risen because riskyer day traders (like me) are trading whichever SC is offering the greatest 24hr % change at any given time; = larger relized financial gains > moved into BTC later. For those who want to playing it a little safer - LTC is good b/c even if you're stuck with it - it's a coin you can hodl & not worry about the possibility of never getting your funds out.
  • YES SUNNY 5,000.00 it still looking good I think Bitcoin will move side ways and will hold around at this price if drop I think around to 4500.00. just think the shorts are sowly paying out. My portfolio till look good
  • Sunny ¿What price/volume would bitcoin has to reach for you to consider it a break thru bullish market..?
  • Sunny: although unrelated to the video, there are a few comments by trolls suggesting that “HODLing” is a bad play and that one should trade instead. I wanted to address this in a comment thread, as follows. By telling them “HODLing” is bad, you’re essentially telling people that investing is the wrong move. I don’t even know why I’m justifying this ignorance with a response, but some stupid is just too stupid to give it the chance to corrupt. Most traders LOSE. Not just by a small margin either. Nine out of ten traders aren’t profitable, and the tenth guy is usually outperformed by the S&P index anyway. “HODLing” is an endearing term used to describe investors in the bitcoin space rather than traders. The fundamental difference between an investor and trader is that INVESTORS DONT TRADE. For along time, this has been how the average American grows their retirement fund in the markets. So, if you have a 401k or IRA, you’re basically “HODLing” some longer term investments that you believe in. This isn’t to say anything is wrong with trading; it’s just not the most profitable move for a vast majority of the public saving for their golden years.

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