Bitcoin's Wave 5 Hits Our Upside Target... Now What?

Bitcoin's Wave 5 Hits Our Upside Target... Now What?
Bitcoin's Wave 5 Hits Our Upside Target... Now What?
Bitcoin's wave 5 hits our upside target... now what? As bitcoin's recent rally continues to gather momentum, we have just reached a key level that we have been eyeing on bitcoin for several months. However, what happens once the wave 5 completes? Could we see a major correction or pullback in the bitcoin price? We discuss in this video the likely elliott wave counts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani For membership: For more on Bitcoin visit: Subscribe:| 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 Watch the NEWEST videos: Follow Alessio Rastani​: Twitter: ​ Watch more Alessio Rastani​: Expert Interviews: Important Videos: Latest Videos: Popular Videos:



  • Alessio, play the full song next time! :) Like if you guys want that, too.
  • Love u Alessio... its so refreshing to watch ur videos... u r so stylish & so unique. God bless u always.
  • The 1.44mb "A drive" floppy and the Rocky theme song!
  • Amazing as always 👍
  • Rocky
  • Good video Alessio. Nice Rocky film tune. I had about 30 alto sax lessons before the lockdown came. I always feel great, playing the sax - especially when the neighbour asks, when am I going to play next!
  • Rocky theme song :D:D
  • (36ocECxWYU3xCHPxck8ePYgMvfMx9rQ2GL) - btc Need a blessing.
  • @Alessio the dollar is dropping, should I keep trading BTC against USD or should I consider trading in euro? which fiat currency would be best to hold in this uncertain times?
  • The tune was Rocky. Speaking of Rocky, If you like chinese kung fu I watched Ip Man 2 yesterday. It reminded me of Rocky 4 lol. The way white british people are represented is hilarious! Very good movie still.
  • Hi Alessio, if this is wave 1, what was the rally from 3k to around 14k and the subsequent drop to 3.8k? Was that not wave 1 & 2?
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  • It's in the 'Rocky movies'!!! Dont know what the song is called lol.
  • 1) During the "lockdown" period (ie the fascists attempt to control my movements) I went where I normally go and did what I normally do as a free American. Sorry if your will was crushed by fear mongering coming from Flip Flop Tony (the phony) Fauci - the world's most powerful bureaucrat. 2) I don't think you can predict the future in any way shape or form and I don't think you actually know much about bitcoin tech. 3) I'm also pretty sure you don't understand the bigger picture of what Bitcoin (the protocol, the Value Transfer Network) means for Freedom and for the future of humanity. Of course it will be used for both good and bad, but as far as the good goes, 1 BTC could = 1 penny and the Network would keep humming, keep working to thwart a system that is rotten to the core. Good luck kiddo . . . I think you're gonna need it.
  • Subbed. Good information. Being honest too.
  • I store my bitcoin on a floppy disc.
  • That was beautiful, Alessio, yes full tune next time, pleeease! Have you checked that drive to see whether there's a disk in it?!
  • Impressive stuff Alessio...
  • Jedi Temple awards ceremony, 1977
  • If you want a floppy disk blast from the past, look up the video/song “don’t copy that floppy”!
  • Thanks for your great content. It would be really good if you can talk about the potential price that BTC can drop
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  • We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us Alessio. Thank you for the possible road map.
  • Hi Alessio i hope your well, could you check bitcoin correlation with the fiat currency devaluation ?
  • rocky
  • Rocky.......
  • Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rocky
  • FOH!! lol
  • Subbed
  • Opening theme song for the GONG SHOW?
  • extended wave 5
  • What wave is the stock market in?
  • would you consider the flash crash to 10500 the wave 5 correction?
  • Stiffy disc dude!
  • Dude! I have used 8 inch floppies! The actual target was 12k because it is a nice round number. Those odd thingies are not good targets.
  • U rock.👏
  • Hi , very happy with that .. thanks hey since lock down i ve been designing a skateboard truck that is cheap and works really surfy well.. and learning around 3-4 different guitar and bass tracks ... and being patient and practicing. My hodle! As im no trader .! 👏✌️
  • WoW floppy disk 😳
  • Rocky Rastani!
  • Rambo ??
  • Rocky Theme Song- flying high now
  • February will be pick for bitcoin, than.....
  • If Bitcoin is Wave 5, how about Nasdaq? Wave 5? Wave 1? How much longer will all these Technical Analyst will be wrong again and again? Lol. I still remember people calling for stock market to crash 80-90%, where is the crash? Why stocks keep going up higher? So much for your "Elliot Wave". Study a bit about the creator of this theory and you will get some sense.
  • qtum QTUMA. QTUM????????????????????? CHILIZ?????????????? CHILIZ ??????????????????????????
  • You should look for a youtuber called CM topdog, he does stuff for a crypto currency called Zilliqa its gonna be massive..
  • You should’ve continued the song! 🙂

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