🛑Time to SHORT Bitcoin?🛑 Important SEC Update!

🛑Time to SHORT Bitcoin?🛑 Important SEC Update!
🛑Time to SHORT Bitcoin?🛑 Important SEC Update!
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  • *Bitcoin Leverage Trading (10% Discount on Fees):* https://www.bitmex.com/register/s0r1z5 *SEC Official Guideline:* https://www.sec.gov/divisions/corpfin/cf-noaction/2019/turnkey-jet-040219-2a1.htm *SEC Guideline Summary:* https://www.coindesk.com/the-sec-just-released-its-crypto-token-guidance?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=coindesk&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=Organic%20
  • SEC is 'strange bedfellows'. Don't trust them. They do not have your best interest at heart. You are like a gullible little child if you think they are your friend. They are not your friend, they are betrayers.
  • Where is your accent from?
  • Can the coinbase/bitfinex point you raised is due to new investors are coming to the space hence people are using coinbase to buy bitcoin as it’s the easier option. Just a thought!
  • Coinbase blocked me about 10 days ago from buying USDC and having same day withdrawl. So i just bought and waited 7 days. 7th day came and I tried to withdrawl but the transaction was delayed and email sent to me said 72 more hours were required. I called the 888 number online and was given false reason why and then sent and email link to RE KYC and I could get my coins right away. It was ridiculous. My guess is Coinbase put bot stops on people to delay from withdrawing. Coinbase was using the money they took from my bank account, AND the USDC to pump prices. Fucking bullshit this buy now and wait 7 days to get coins. They are just like Binance where they block and delay users from the backend and use the money to pump coins to their advantage. It was 2k for me and who know how many other people with the same issue.
  • Short to 4400
  • RVN possible 5th elliot wave incoming?
  • Tone Vays can afford to be bearish .. if he is right he can brag.. if he is wrong he has bags .
  • What is TD sequencial?
  • anyone looking at 21-mnthly ema for btc? price got rejected after touching it ..
  • Next is around $5800 and then around $7000
  • I would certainly like to see the portfolio.
  • It will be good post your portfolio
  • a combination of RSI and Stochastics are the best indicators you can use to trade BTC.
  • Oh yes .... SELL SELL SELL ///
  • Gotta love Tone Waze!!
  • Looks like bitcoin hex would be a security then
  • Get ready for a huge pump!!!
  • ETH to 10x. BTC is climbing again.
  • yea lets see your porfolio!!!!!!!!!!
  • As you see Tone was right :)
  • Quit listening to the perma bears they're all full of shit. We're going to make money while they eat shit.
  • My guess: Little consolidation. Some shorts got scared from the spike, but still want to short. Then another short squeeze. The same will go on one more time. 3 spikes total. A lot of people turned bullish and looking for the moon. THEN they will hammer this to the floor! That would be down..
  • Coinbase equalising with finex was fomo induced, lots of media coverage here in the UK.
  • Coinbase just changed its fee structure 2 weeks ago. It's cheaper to make a market taker order and now ALL maker orders have a fee. So this could have changed some dynamics, like altered profit goals to make up for the fee. It's complex and I'm not qualified to understand the micro-dynamics of an exchange, but it could have something to do with it, especially if people like me had to reprogram my bots to account for the new fees.
  • Remember TD9 end november 2017. Daily + weekly + monthly on a TD9. Tone Vays screamed sell. BTC was on 10k. And you know all what happened: BTC ignored all TD9 and went ballistic to 20k. TD9 only works on Wall Street cause every trader used TD9, check SPX monthly.
  • Vays shorting is a safe bet
  • Sunny! I have a youtuber that I follow. He is pessimistic, but I listen to him, coz he is coolminded. He claims that Bitcoin is under heavy stres from buyers/sellers. Transaction fees are going up and number of unrealised transaction is rising drasticaly. What does it mean? I feel its bad!
  • Again you opened your mouth and market crashed
  • when did tone vays even go long lol. he was waiting for 1300 I suppose 😂😂
  • Tone Vays is expecting Bitcoin to go under 1300
  • If you didn’t take the opportunity to short at 5200 you have a moonboy syndrome and proof we haven’t bottomed yet. Now, anything above 5k is a great short opp
  • Yu short ill go long for now
  • Tone is right.
  • This dude is ALWAYS wrong.
  • I can explain the fact that coinbase price has get higher than bitfinex one. Coinbase users are maybe the dumbest money in the crypto area...they run and buy when the price has already pumped...theyprobably sold at 3500$
  • It's not just the TD Sequential. Stoch RSI, Bollinger, Clouds, Fib Retracement...all lead to a nice correction.
  • tether is the reason for the bitfinex perimium, because form them 1 tether always equals 1 usd no matter what the other exchanges say. also the fact that it is hard to cash out in fiat for accounts unter 10k usd was a reason for the premium
  • Hello sunny. I would like you to comment on something: I have a chart from tradingview of BTCUSD on weekly timeframe and a chart from gocharting of the same pair and the same timeframe. They have different values of Stochastic RSI. According to tradingview we will have correction and according to gocharting we still dont have even a cross of the two lines... Why would that be? and which charting software should we trust?
  • Portfolio Video! Please.
  • nice info
  • Yes, Sunny, portfolio update. Shill them! :D
  • Thanks sunny ☀️ always is great to watch your videos 🤙🤙🤙
  • Lol, fuck tone vays.
  • XRP will pump today
  • thank You!
  • Everyone expects a correction.. wont happen till we see the range of 7000.-
  • I just like buying & sellin! good ol trading! never was into gambling :D
  • Sunny please check this for me my 0.13020034 I withdraw it from Bitforex 01.04.2019 and up to date no confirmed TX: 6f6185b4d9c6c3195efa28a3959827c1fa0b130d4c48aee6d218744ad1189134
  • I wouldn’t short it , buy and hold

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