Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin Now?

Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin Now?
Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin Now?
Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin Now? Sponsors of today's video. (Not a referral link, video not monetised) - Twitter/Instagram: @crypto_daily - Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. - #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin



  • Best intro I’ve seen so far
  • my first video that I have seen on the crypto daily. hilarious edits!
  • PRIZM surpasses bitcoin completely new paramining technology decentralized cryptocurrency with open source on the gidhab
  • Wow all the spam in the comments for PRIZM
  • I love this guys videos! Short and informative
  • nice double chin regardless from that good work analyses
  • hamsters !! buy bitcoin !!! don't even think about Prizm! we ourselves are not enough)
  • great show, very entertaining , the only time that it will be to late to buy BTC will be when there are none left to buy.
  • thinking to start this
  • Somehow this feels like therapy, and I'm not sure why..
  • @cryptodaily Do you have still your buy-orders below 3k, 2k you talked about a half a year ago?
  • Video starts at 00:23 im petty
  • hahahahahhahahah! damn it dude your videos are funny as hell
  • nice use of drunk mr layhey
  • Loool that was trailer park boys
  • U2 , great band
  • some deadmau5 in there damnnn <3
  • Please use Stan Bush "You got the touch" from the 80s Transformer movie in your next video 🤣
  • Just a regular comment passing by which is not shilling a scam coin which may not be named...
  • I think it's too early to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos... I'm waiting 2-3 Weeks 😉
  • "I want to die" lmao
  • Bitcoins buy late, it is obvious. Therefore, I recently began to buy a coin with a new technology paramining-Prizm. She impressed me and is now increasing my balance in it.He studied it carefully, the conclusion is the following - Prizm, the most promising coin.
  • It's never too late, just hodl
  • Yes it is too late, buy now and you fall into the trap
  • 0:23 prob the best video ever to describe the emotions going on in the crypto space right now!! LOL! Awesome!
  • Yes, it is too late to buy Bitcoins, even at such a price. Now I buy PRIZM cryptocurrency, it has paramaining, which constantly generates coins in a personal wallet, without farm costs. And it is now at 0.16 cents. I have an excellent prospect of growth of its value.
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  • If anything ETC classic -low price -huge reward potential -low risk And it looks like is moving upwards along with the rest of the cryptos
  • We need a new old fashioned intro !!! to celebrate the bull market :D
  • And I am in PRIZM cryptocurrency for the second year. Attachments already returned. Now every day I get about $ 250. I rented as needed.
  • Learn PRIZM cryptocurrency. Expensive paramining in every wallet is an indisputable advantage compared to other cryptocurrencies.
  • So the analysis of the market sentiment seems to be that we are currently on a bump n run reversal, gryperwave, bullrun rocketship they call The Permabull...They say the course has been charted for a million dollar bitcoin and for me to give you the coordinates...So just draw a straight line from 8k to a million and they say that's what's happening right just need to supply the fuel by promising everyone you know endless riches and for them to blindly buy into the market right now...let them know fidelity and bakkt are on there way to make everyone rich...they're gonna pump trillions potentially (and don't forget the word potentially to cover your ass) so the time to buy is now...🚀🚀🚀"The Permabull" is set for the next launch🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  • Go prizm🚀🚀🚀
  • we are close to the top. at most it would probably go to 10k ish area. then back down. The way you know if its going up or down is simple: When you go to commit to buying and click buy. it will drop. If you wait to buy it will go up. Welcome to Crypto! Your not a mother of dragons.. so yes you must dollar cost average sometimes...
  • Prizm crypto super. Btc🤣
  • The growth of bitcoin definitely pleases. But I believe in PRIZM, so I invested in PRIZM. Paramaining makes it possible to have passive income daily, regardless of the exchange rate on the exchange.
  • Nigga why are you advertising a margin trading crypto service to abunch noobs
  • PRIZM is the best in the world of cryptocurrency, you are always in profit, regardless of the course, it's time to change your stereotypes
  • HELLO ALL. In Prizm' crypt, the world's first visualization of the blockchain through the discovery blockchain is realized; you can see the whole chain and network of transactions at the same time. Not one cryptocurrency has a blockchain visualization, this is another advantage of Prizm from many, over all cryptocurrencies. .
  • I sold all the Bitcoin. I Bought A Prizm. Coins are generated on each user's wallet. For Prizms you can already buy hundreds of products. And it is Prizm that is ready to embody all that bitcoin was created for.
  • It's never too late to buy. That is until about 2030 when most of the coins will be mined. Who knows what comes after that? A continuous bull run? All the wordl's fiat will slowly be "eaten up" by crypto? :)
  • I still have my over 9000 memes in a folder ready to go
  • 80% FOMO comments
  • PRIZM IS SCAM!!! PRIZM is linked to Russian fraudster pyramid MMM if you have heard about it ... Don't recommend investing!
  • Alt pre season here
  • Is this a bulll run yet
  • I think we will see $9,500 Bitcoin and just before we hit that $10k mark, we get pushed back down to where we are now.
  • Classic Jim Lahey
  • Been hearing about the so called correction. Lol anyways luck to all

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