LITECOIN and BITCOIN HUGE MOVE COMING!! ltc btc price prediction, ltc btc news

LITECOIN and BITCOIN HUGE MOVE COMING!! ltc btc price prediction, ltc btc news
LITECOIN and BITCOIN HUGE MOVE COMING!! ltc btc price prediction, ltc btc news
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  • Thank you for this information. I truly believe you are one of the best youtubers for crypto
  • BITCOIN WILL GO back down again.😉
  • Good video thanks. Really interesting view of the current market.
  • Just landed on channel. Impressed. Glad to be here. Subscribed
  • Can you please chart eth
  • Been taking a lot from your videos and really value your "opinion" ;) . I also watch Tone Vays and really value his opinion. We moved from 40xx to 5300ish, and by the time I woke up, we were back at 47xx... When I woke up I went to set a stop loss on my bitmex long.....accidentally clicked the market close area instead of the set limit order, because I have clumsy fingers. Now I get to the point of my comment. When I closed accidentally I valued your TA over Tone'.... Tone went short I re-longed Just wanted to tell you how much I value and appreciate your opinion :) Thanks Craig, you keep making them, I'll keep watching them :)
  • LTC is the little engine that could
  • If it hits 4500 again, it will be for a split second because I'll buy it all lol
  • CS you have done a great job calling this breakout. Indeed, you were bullish (and calling correct up moves) when many other analyst were bearish (and still are). I hope you are right that we won't see $60 in LTC anytime soon (if ever again!). One piece of advice. Be careful with your podcast titles. Instead of saying HUGE MOVE COMING, tone it down a bit. Say something like, Bullish Trend Continues. Thanks!
  • Rhino Power!
  • Nice vid. 😊 Congrats on 1,000 subs!! 🌴👍
  • Savy, your RSI drawings look exactly the same almost! Didnt you think that time should be speeding up due to adoption/internet speed of market?Should 2019 start picking up steam faster than the last cycle or was last cycle so recent we cant have too much speedup?
  • Thanks for the update.
  • Your predictions works you are amazing! have a good weekends!
  • When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
  • Congrats on the 1k subs! I'm sure you're enjoying the swing trades, while everyone was bearish 😁 sick gains in last few days of trading!
  • theory ~ ltc going to 0.01750 led btc to 5k last month, ETH at 0.03275 is about to run towards 0.05000 and lead btc to 6k this month .. then rsi drops to test the line you show, a pullback to about 5200 and bounce back thru 6k towards 10k by yr end. recognize that the bottom accumulation time is nearly done, putting final preparations on my bags just in case. Really like how you spell out all the options in brief to the point fashion, now we can all get on with our weekend chores, congrats on well deserved 1k subs.
  • I as well, thought, the bear market was over in Dec, but you are much better at charting than me, so congrat for the nice call.
  • If you missed the December bottom, then I have one word for you BUY. If you think $88 is too much, then wait a few more months and wonder what if again. Easily $200 in a few months, if you don't get it you don't get it.
  • Big congrats on breaking 1,000 subs! Keep up the great work!
  • I’m bullish in ltc but idk. It’s playing games a little, just had a big rejection at 89.6 etc. Who knows but yes it’s possible to touch 110, or we have a strong correction now
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