😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱

😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱
😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱
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  • *Original Video:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_IkOf8IFBQ *Bitcoin Halving Countdown:* https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/
  • and the difference 1 bitcoin withdrawal per day so much hassle! better get other alternative coin no limit withdrawal per day!
  • What's next 2020 ? Bull run
  • Elastos!!!
  • he hasn't uploaded in a year... who else thinks he cashed out at the ath and has since bought his own island
  • Yeah he is wrong with around 1 year.
  • danke!! interessant
  • the question is, is it really that easy? :D
  • this guy must have some sort of paranormal abilitiys
  • "okay guys"
  • Yes, it is set up to feed off the 'Law of Supply and demand'. It is set up to 'rocket up' each time it halves.
  • nothing special, there was thousands predictions, someone had hit
  • You are and will always be an idiot. A broken clock is right twice a day.
  • bitcoin only exists because of the dark web. woulda died a few yrs back etc. lol
  • cypress dont have enough ppl with moola to ever have made that last big run 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. no one jnows when big money comes in but them themselves!
  • Hind sight = always 20/20 Everyone is right somethings, no one is right all the time.
  • "The year is 2032, we have total acceptance of bitcoin by all the people (1 satoshi = 1 USD). All fiat is dead. 1 Bitcoin equals 100M USD (2000 trillion dollar human race economics, now equals to 70 trillion dollars) potential growth thanks to AI, Internet of things, Space industry etc."
  • For some very strange reason, I keep getting sunny videos in my feed despite having blocked him
  • this guy talk a lot and here and there he really hits bull's eye but the res is bull shit.
  • he didn't predicted anything
  • We are all being manipulated. The end game is to take our money and transfer it to them.
  • take a look at GIN coin
  • Are you austrian ? you sound like schwartzy !
  • There's no guarantee that BTC will go higher than it's previous high. Bitcoin works, until it doesn't. Hence the fact that there are 2000 shitty alt coins which are absolutely poluting the Crypto space (at least for me) and scare of new investors. You can already see that the BTC uptrend curve is starting to flatline. BTC is targetting a specific group of investors, and it's eventually coming to an end. I get it, if you buy Bitcoin, you are permanently gambling and some people are just sensitive to this addiction.
  • wow he was bang on about the 80% crash
  • Fuck you
  • Can you please say something about SMART CASH (SMART) ? - i think its one of the best coins worldwide... insane idea, very decentralized, biggest potential in my opinion
  • You know he could just change the upload date
  • I'm willing to believe history will repeat itself (or rhyme), however, things are a little different now. There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies competing. Also, scaling is more of an issue now. When this guy made the predication, there was no BCH or BSV to compete. I believe BTC will win, but it all depends on LN. If we get closer to $20,000 and the fees are high and transactions speeds slow, then I believe some people will flock to another coin. So, it is important for everybody who supports BTC to start getting used to LN for the potential parabolic bull run.
  • no we are not, there is an exponential difference in market cap. Its not the same move when you're talking about 1 trillion versus 1/10th of that.
  • he must be from the future!
  • you can make 100 videos with diff predections, then hide all of them, and after 2 years reveal the video which is right, let this guy show when the views was on this video, im sure that 3 yeras nobody saw it because nobody couldnt do it!
  • so now is a good time to get sum bitcoin?
  • Cryptocurrency is no doubt still in its infancy stage. There is a finite supply of Bitcoin and it has been said that the last bitcoin will be mined by year 2140 acccording to Satoshi Nakamoto himself. You can join one of the largest cryptocurrency cloud mining and investment pools and get to buy some hashpower to start mining bitcoin and other supported altcoins daily. Sign up with bitrearer com to start building your crypto passive income portfolio today.
  • I watched this vid in 2015, I remember it well, thought it was really interesting and yet I didn’t have confidence enough to do much😕
  • The Future is Crypto :)! https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/clearlines/works/38133735-the-future-is-crypto?p=lightweight-hoodie&rbs=
  • It time to bought some more bitcoin and invest. to whom it may concern, i just doubled my bitcoin on bitrearer,com...The bullish movement has just begun again i enthusiastically believe much, Earn by HODL, trading and investing in a mining pool is my strategy. I hope this will bring all my bitconnect loses. sigh*
  • Predicts the future but lives in a basement.. go figure!
  • Maybe he wasn't buying enough...he would have come back to claim his history
  • Can we get a link to that guy?
  • 👍
  • I enjoyed the wonders of the 2013 bull run, fun times later in 2017 had 800,000 xrp sitting round and sold into BTC which was on BTC-E , then the US gov closed in and my coins went with! it's not the BTC-e story that hurts it was the 800,000 XRP :( live and learn. Mmm not missing the next one mid next year:) small push to 6k in this one then flat is my guess till mid next year. Loading up and hodl
  • So we should see ppl loading up very soon before next halving
  • Wow - just wow!
  • Wait.... Isn't LTC halving in AUG???? ! Ah. August 6th! 127 days from now.
  • hindsight is always 20/20
  • Spot on mate
  • My name is Ceptic Peg and here's my prediction. Sometime in the future Bitcoin will go UP and then it will go Down again, then UP and Down again. Thanks
  • @sunnydecree Did u succeed in increasing your btc by trading on mex or still at 20 ?
  • I in all honesty thought that he was all talk at first as he stated, “Bitcoin will boom and then have a crash and burn about 80% percent,” which is roughly literally the 3900 area we’re at currently..... 😳

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