Bitcoin Bull Market or "just" an Asian Pump!?👀

Bitcoin Bull Market or "just" an Asian Pump!?👀
Bitcoin Bull Market or "just" an Asian Pump!?👀
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  • Asia? Lol we europeans are now leading 😎 asia is a sleep
  • Always ending those videos with the word "Buy", never "Sell" :-)
  • BUY BUY BUY BUY (# —.—) gawd damn asians
  • @8:39 Duck Duck Go....
  • You contradicted yourself with Stoch RSI Sunny. Check what you said about it in one of your previous videos and what you said in this one.
  • Holly shit a whole frikking room of them😥😥
  • hi decree, what's "Asian pump" meaning? are you racial discrimination?
  • Bull market is here, Crypto YouTubers are back from the dead, people are watching again.
  • typical dump when the stoch rsi is at 100, is 30%. At $5500, that would only bring us to $3800. Bitcoin bottomed a long time ago. Start accumulating, before you miss the boat.
  • jaaah.. as you point out, it is wash trades... in reality, check out the real value of crypto on p2p exchanges.. cuz in the end, that will be its value once these exchanges inflate and crumble down
  • That was cool!
  • Rakuten?
  • BTC to 5x; LTC to 10x; zcash to 10x; BCH to 5x; XLM to 10x before 2020.
  • Montanablack Ehre 😂😂
  • monte hahaha
  • In the last,ä¹°ä¹°ä¹° in Chinese means Buy Buy Buy!
  • BTC 4500 soon don t miss stock up more or You will be rekt on biger pump
  • Danke ! Bin mal gespannt was morgen früh passiert ... Liebe Grüße
  • Can't you guys just comment BEFORE a pump?
  • So how bout them Elliott waves? Your boy Alessio talks like he saw all this and more.
  • so funny :D
  • "you guys know what happens when the sochRSI is at 100 aahahahah. of course a 20% increase
  • Bitstamp weekly. 12 march 2012 / 6 july 2015, scenario similar to the one we are living now......
  • Check out carvertical Before the pump
  • When the correction happen how down will the price go down,
  • Hi sunny decree, I am a huge fan of your channel. Your fundamentals and research helped a lot. But most of the time I listen to your TA, i am in the wrong position. Not bashing you just saying my sentiment bro.
  • You came a long way in perfecting your content. Awesome job!
  • 60'000+ unconfirmed transactions again ... way to go
  • Why a whale go to 3 exchanges to buy BTC? I would got OTC. 🤔
  • Bull market
  • Sunny I think we are gonna see a pump up to 5500 $ and then a final dump to last low or a bit lower then boom 💥
  • Stop fudding sunny fud. It was real Fiat used to buy Bitcoin.
  • I don't understand why you were shorting BTC the other day. I would think that someone like you who wants crypto to succeed would be able to find some other way to make money with
  • You don’t need sleep anymore, if you’re able to trade such amounts 😂
  • Agree! Sunny, I found it very much suspicious that the pump occurred when 2/3rds of the WORLD Market Regions were sleeping, so where did ALL that influx of Volume come from? Also, the WAY in which it occurred, sprinting right PAST all resistances within a 30 minute candle and the whole thing finished within a ONE HOUR Candle! Additionally, absolutely NO News or Hype or Gossip can be found to support such a MASSIVE move. My final point, the previous months/weeks Technical from ALL reputable sources forecast a dip or a Bullish move to 4200-4250 was potentially the play to watch for, not this Missile Launch in the middle of the night stuff. Almost makes me think North Korea was behind this, hahaha. But hey it got Crypto fans excited again so maybe, even though potentially a false pump, it will bring on Bullish trading going forward simply because of the perception that Crypto is finally in a Bull Market, whether the analyst agree or not, if the Whales get happy, maybe this is the turnaround we needed not the one we were wanting.
  • The bigger the pump the bigger the dump and that will be coming soon 💩
  • I belive we dump another chance to load the truck
  • Montanablack dancing :)
  • Didn't really get past 5 so ya, it's an Asian pump.
  • IF we get to a CRYPTO market cap of 200.000 millions... Same O.. SAME O!!.... ROcket Fuel will ignite!!
  • I liked the video!.Now, according to the strategy, I earn 0.1 btc per day on Laskygames and Primedice.Uploaded the video to your channel who are interested come in.
  • the pump has to somewhere ...
  • Bullmarket
  • What does it matter if it was an Asian pump, A European pump, or an American pump?
  • buy buy buy buy bitcoin buy buy buy
  • Now Bitcoin is so Asian LOL
  • Cardano will shoot up after Shelly
  • Crypto is greatly is under sold since ATH , always a good time to buy and accumulate, hold for years and sell for millions

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