Bitcoin Ben: Bitcoin/Crypto Boom Weekend coming!!! Get ready folks, it’s showtime!

Bitcoin Ben: Bitcoin/Crypto Boom Weekend coming!!! Get ready folks, it’s showtime!
Bitcoin Ben: Bitcoin/Crypto Boom Weekend coming!!! Get ready folks, it’s showtime!
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  • Where is The Booooooom Weekend????
  • I hope he’s not referring to Snippy Joe. Because Snippy been at an epic tailspin shit show since he sold his litecoin at the bare bottom like a total loser.
  • ahahha "what the pluck" love it.
  • WELP
  • Any comments from the Snipster?? :)
  • *What’s the difference between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Bitcoin* ? SpaceX will actually return to earth, after takeoff.
  • Joe was wrong this time
  • WTF did I just listen to?!
  • Uphold seems to have their shit together.
  • All these cryptocurrencies are pump and dump ponzi schemes.
  • Did clif "im 90% wrong on my predictiins" tell you this?
  • Looking good Ben 👍
  • damn i think we all stared doubting you, but things just swung in your favour lol
  • Wow. holy crap. It's popped pretty nice so far.
  • Pretty lame boom of a weekend.
  • Havent seen nothing yet so far this weekend and be prepaired to slap the hell out of joe lol we will see in 2 weeks but i highly doubt BTC will hit 10k in 2 weeks
  • You bix and jsnip are always wrong on your calls
  • You need to get to the point at the beginning.
  • I’m a trader. After such a huge move, it’s only logical that we would have some consolidation. Prior momentum + action/reaction = Sideways to Sideways down markets for now...this means there is pullback opportunity for long trades as we hit key support below.
  • Your reputation is on the line this weekend
  • Lol how that book look now b
  • It's cool to see an older dude into crypto. Bitcoin Ben you're the man, keep up the good work. I'm still hoping for a "boom" weekend but not hodling my breath.
  • I can't wait for the Joe report come Sunday night!!!!!! Litecoin Snippy & his Psychic Friends. :)
  • I bet my house on Joe predictions so hopefully he will be right !
  • Weekend what weekend we are going sown like a sinking ship
  • Shitcoin Ben and his never-right imaginary friend, Joe
  • Ben say BTC is going to $10,000 over the weekend. If it doesn't do you think it would be a good idea not to listen to him in the future?
  • btc @ 7100 or so...gonna be interesting...if there's crash-no excuses
  • Joe shit the bed on this call, didnt he?
  • This video didn't age well.
  • I think we should all take our trading advice from an alcoholic truck driver and his two imaginary friends joe and ace
  • is 10% down part of the plan, Ben dejo
  • This sounds like mt gox on steriods. All exchanges going down.
  • Mr Shitcoin Ben it's time for an update. I love your videos, but I'm pissed!!!
  • So did you see this smackdown got it wrong. You got 2 days to not look like a moron.
  • Looks like the party started early!!!!!!!
  • this guy is getting on my nerves
  • good luck on that one,, pump is over......i hope you bought more at 8k lol---gonna get smashed for being greedy :) i got out at 8200 :) back in at 6800
  • Boom weekend coming? Down 10% lol
  • Boom weekend??? A boom down you mean. Bakkt doesn't have approval
  • 1 week or 2 weeks, ?
  • Well Ben we all went in and got dumped 20%. Thanks
  • This guy is wasted!
  • So far, the move to 10k for next week is cancelled, but it will come this year one day
  • Oh and what a surprise, a massive dump!
  • Its a sea of red this morning Jo - is Friday buy buy buy then??
  • Why do I have this stronge urge not to trust an alcoholic? You may or may not have some lowkey insider info, but if that was the case it’s very easy for you to backtrack if none of this is true.
  • BTC, LTC are winner
  • Bittrex has locked out accounts
  • I guess it’s happening

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