Bitcoin Accumulation behind the Scenes...!?

Bitcoin Accumulation behind the Scenes...!?
Bitcoin Accumulation behind the Scenes...!?
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  • Community OTC exchanges are very important part of the flow of cryptocurrencies. Revolutions and technology shifts and trends occure at street level. In my opinion, smart people are getting establishing an account on Local Coin Swap now which is about to do their hard launch next month. Get a good account name registered and get a few trades done early to get early reputation and this will set you up for the future.
  • I was just in to short this idiotic ponzi and make money quick.
  • Good video, thx! The comparison to the banks is what everyone should know, especially the cryptocurrency critics.
  • Sunny why do you feel like you have to answer these trolls?
  • If you're still a sucker, this video is for you.
  • i'm from iran and btc is not bann here i have hodled and accumulated alot lately BTC its not regulated and compeletly legal but i'm sure it is not illega
  • the probility for a bright future is realy high
  • Sunny , Long time follower, likes sub <5k follower. Do likes actually help you? if so how? I will definitely do so if they actually do!
  • Is a scam?
  • This is real. It should come back eventually... it always has, without institutions getting in... its ludicrous to think bitcoin will not bounce back with bakkt and the like... 0% chance btc wont see ath next year. People are going to treat 2018 like 2010... " i wish i bought bitcoin in dec 2018". What we say about selling dec 2017. Ppl do the wrong thing most of the time, when it counts. In the meantime arb token and the platform is a huge one. Recommend looking into this. Review it please. Big update on Monday
  • you are right bro
  • Yo Sunny, the moon boys are the ones that give us the opportunity to buy cheap BTC. Loving this bear market
  • Great approach. We need people who talk straight. I just subscribed.
  • Bitcoin won't hit zero. I'll buy all of them for 0.00001 cent each.
  • He's right, if you are anti-crypto just leave.
  • Awesome content Sunny! Most People need to be reminded of stuff like that, it's what BTC was created for. Anyone that as a significant amount of FIAT can exchange it for BTC before the next global economic crash. That's why Satoshi Nakamoto created the 1st genesis block in 2009, since we have a global crisis roughly every 10 years it allowed for enough time for the world to adopt BTC as the local FIAT collapses. I Bet there's lots of volume in Cyprus. You should do another video for the same stats for countries fair the worst in 2008
  • bitcoin stupid shit
  • I keep coming back because I enjoy the pain
  • Im from venezuela i can explain what is happening there, the growth of localbitcoin is because the massive exodus of venezuelan people to other south american countries, these people send money to their families in venezuela using localbitcoin, and there is a lot of chinese users using venezuelan bank accounts and trading a lot of money using local bitcoin in venezuela, maybe htis one of the real case of use for bitocin as a value reserve for exchanging into another fiat currencies, in the case of venezuela the consingment market, just think about 3 million of venezuelan people leaving the country and sending money to venezuela, thats a huge market
  • Im positive bro
  • Good video man very interesting perspective,Im in Brazil so can relate.Subscribed and liked.
  • u r the man.
  • Supply and demand controls bitcoin/crypto prices. We may continue into another year of a bear market. Remember that when the time comes you will make money.
  • Holy shit I'm buying more!
  • Haha greetings from Germany Deutsche Bank sucks hard 😂
  • Here come all the experts again you all went into hiding for the year lol
  • Hi Sunny, I also wanted to try the lightning network, by tipping you some cent. Unfortunately, the link: we had a "We had a 500 Server Error", contact support. So need I get in contact with some support to tip you? That would be too much of effort, I believe. Being involved in crypto and really using it. So could you once again make a detailed video, what is necessary from my end, tipping you, via lightning, using any wallet / or one particular? Is it working with "Exodus"? Or should the link explain to me what to do next, in order to tip you, using the lightning network (technology)? Thanks a lot and best regards.
  • How will it take away power from corrupt Governments when we’re all waiting for the most corrupt Government to implement ETFS and institutional exchanges?
  • you pin and love your own comment on your own video?
  • Bitcoin's done gamble boy.
  • Wahoo!!
  • Craig Wright said they will start pushing BitcoinSV in South America and Africa
  • bitconeeeeeect
  • The more people doubt BTC the more it encourages me. When fear sets in the market will begin to shift.
  • Bitcoin is not a burble, it's the Pin. Believe or not, horse seller mark car won't work in 1902, for now saddle in the museum.
  • all governments are corrupt, the richer countries governments are just a bit LESS corrupt, cant wait for crypto to flush all governments down the toilet.
  • No bullish*t, just straight talk. I like that. "great minds think alike..."
  • Bitcoin is not banned in Iran i'm told.
  • Feel sorry for the hyperinflating south american currencies - they try to escape the devaluation in their currency with btc and it also drops 80+ % xD
  • nice spot dude👌I am Kenyan corruption and mistrust is what is feeding this surge. People are waking up. A police officer/state can't ask for a bribe that is traceable back to him on a ledger that exists beyond their control, nor can they force or steal. #unconfiscatable I don't need to go into the blank cheques all fiat system work with. All i see is corrupt, selfish dumbasses stealing while devaluing the currency which in turn translates into average joe being f***** over by centralized corrupt systems.
  • I never comment on any video ever. But i have to say this is a good one. Keep it up. You are right
  • Respect
  • Facts : 5:30 - 6:00 You just resumed the last 3month of twitter FUD !😂😂😂
  • Please how many knows when it was jus ooooooiioooooooo.oooo1. Then please be. .q. bitcoin is . . Like moon i think . My personal opinion.
  • Why not? when i saw this was jus 000000☆.&&&&1.. haha. No problem. But something has changed. Ok?
  • Iran is also suffering from massive inflation
  • I would give your 10 likes for that video :)
  • Busted Moon Boy😂😂😂

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