Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia

Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia
Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia
I answer the question, is it too late to buy Bitcoin as well as covering the SECs recent announcement regarding IEOs and the end of Cryptopia. Sources Free Cryptocurrency Course - RECOMMENDED EXCHANGES & WALLETS GET FREE CRYPTO ABRA - GET $25 IN BTC - (US bank deposits or AMEX)- COINBASE - GET $10 Free Bitcoin on sign up! LIQUID - GET $10 FREE QASH (verify & make $100 trade) - TOP EXCHANGES BINANCE - #1 Crypto Exchange BITMAX - BINANCE JE - BUY CRYPTO IN POUNDS & EURO KUCOIN - Awesome For Low Cap Gems - CERTIFIED CRYPTOCURRENCY BROKERAGE CALEB & BROWN - Brokerage - Trade OTC like the big guys TAKE YOUR SECURITY SERIOUSLY - GET A HARDWARE WALLET LEDGER NANO TREZOR - LEARN TO TRADE LIKE THE PROS TRADER COBB 10% OFF CODE THELARK10 - SOCIAL MEDIA - These are my only accounts, beware of scammers! TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM GROUP TELEGRAM HANDLE @cryptolark STEEMIT D-TUBE!/c/larksongbird BACKGROUND ART BY Josie Bellini - PODCAST - find me on I-tunes "Crypto Waves" CONTACT E-mail with business or event enquiries. DISCLAIMER Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money. This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which is not always specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available for research or academic purposes. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit, for research and educational purposes. Thanks for watching; please like, subscribe, and share if you found this useful! #bitcoin #crypto #ethereum #cryptocurrency #neo #elastos #litecoin #eos #ripple #ontology #monero #stellarlumens #cardano #nem #dash #ethereumclassic #vechain #tezos #zcash #dogecoin



  • It's too late to buy stocks imo.
  • I HAVE 115.000 in blockchain crypto, shares
  • KBC is like BTC on steroids because there is always gold backing it which prevents losses regardless of the price of the coin, especially when whales manipulate the market. The KBC and UNV (digitized gold exchangeable for the physical form) make it possible to play both sides of any major currency market. And the KBC is dirt cheap! Can’t believe people don’t get it.
  • I won't miss cryptopia. People were selling questionable porn
  • Solid video man. This is the first time I'm seeing your channel will definitely check out more of your videos. In terms of acquiring - I'm helping my Dad to buy 1 BTC (he has the money, I have a little bit of the knowledge haha) so I'm just wondering what you would recommend for the best way of acquiring one btc in one transaction. I know you're not giving financial advice and you're not a broker or anything, but what would you do if you were in my shoes? I want to get 1 BTC and a few ETH and then quickly transfer them to some sort of external wallet (a cold wallet I believe it's called?) and just hodl that shit like it's an oxygen tank on everest. Any help would be greatly appreciated my man! Keep up the content :)
  • This guy is a cryptocurrency madman, in a good way.
  • does crypto spark still have a channel? cause I can't find it and don't remember unsubing... anyone? thanks
  • GUYS *you must buy now* DA VINCI said its going to $9,500 and $10,500 then $15k by the end of the weeek!! 💥 HURRY THIS IS HOW BIT COIN MOVES. it keeps going up and up! dont miss out u mUST BUY NOW!! BUY THE DIP!!! Its at $7300 its going to break the HIGH !!!! HURRY !!!!! 💰💰💰💰
  • Friendly criticism: 1. Cut your hair differently to clean it up. It's a total mess and looks dirty and slimy. 2. Buy a different shirt that looks more common or normal. 3. Zoom your camera a little farther out. It's a bit too close to your face which is not good with your hair looking so messy and greasy.
  • maybe. but not to late to buy alts. there is a correlation between btc and alts. when btc goes up everything goes up. it's very hard not to make money.
  • very positive video.. just discovered your channel.. great job
  • It too late or at least not a good idea to buy Pundi X... And here is why.... PUNDI managed to reach AN ALL TIME LOW during the recent rise in crypto...??? And it is still falling... ?????? how crazy is that... So I ask . What does it take to lift PUNDI????. Good projects ? Viable and working products? Great ideas? A dedicated management??? More certifications...???? More good news .???? What. ???? PUNDI HAS ALL that.......but ... So far PUNDI only rose marginally when Bitcoin tanked... Because uneducated investors which have no idea about what block chain really is needed to find a temporary hedge in Pundi BUT NIOT BECAUSE THEY WERE CONVINCED THAT IT WOULD BE GOOD TO ACTUALLY HOLD AND HELP THE COMPANY WITH MORE CAPITALIZATION.... NO... PUNDI is being abused as a hedge until bitcoin rises again... At which point Pundi tanks hard yet again... THAT HAS BEEN AND IS THE PATTERN.. so.... We all know that Bitcoin WILL rise more and more... As it should..... Therefore the next stop for PUNDI is ZERO Any input... ANYONE.. it has become annoying to watch the demise of PUNDI.... And I rest my case.
  • Take your pick, bankers money and their rules and regulations or your money and your rules and regulations. There will be Crypto millionaires popping up all over the place. We are entering the roaring 20's.
  • Is is to late to buy Bitcoin? Maybe; Is it to late to sell Bitcoin? Def not; :) have some nice profits
  • What and where is the best place to keep your crypto and hold your own private keys?
  • It all depends how high it goes and if you plan to buy and hold, if you do then it's still probably way cheap.
  • Get cash back on everyday purchases that you can use to buy bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is dead
  • Hey Lark you were my first crypto YouTuber in 2017. Thanks for all your work. I It would be great if you revisited your top 10 altcoin picks as of recently. Now that crypto spring seems to be here some coins are set to explode.
  • Lark why is it the Crypto Tubers from time to time assume that their audiences are Newbs ? In my opinion you might have 90% experienced and 10% percent new users. No day goes by without me getting lectured about how price can go up and down, do it at my own risk, dont invest more than what i can afford to loose and dont keep cryptos on exchanges. Since 2017 everyday lol
  • Why am I just hearing of you now 89k subs
  • Leh dip
  • GUYS. Bitcoin just had a dip, a powerful one. I went through the last bull run and trust me when I say that you don't want to sit on the sidelines thinking "oh it looks scary now, I'll wait for it to dip further". I did that last time, kept playing chicken and managed to only make ~40% on a tiny amount of money when the price quadrupled in price. Take the total amount you're comfortable investing in, and put a bit of it in now. If it keeps dropping, keep buying at various support levels (look for previous price peaks). Always keep some cash in reserve so that you can buy at lower levels if it drops, that way you lower your average entry price of your portfolio and its easier to get back into the green. Once bitcoin stops recovering and continues on its bull run, keep buying dips if and when they occur, sure it'll raise the average entry price of the portfolio (and lessen percentage gains) but it'll increase your real-term gains. Better to make 50% gain on $100 than 200% gain on $5.
  • make the govt /sec irrelevant they are just crooks. ignore these criminal coward control freak thieves hiding behind a monopoly on violence.
  • Time for Americans to stand up tell SEC to back off if they wish to trade or invest in non US and outside at own risk. No more centralized exchanges and no more shitcoins.
  • "I bought under 10k bro!"
  • RIP Cryptopia, its a nice thought. Build, build, build. its adoption time.
  • “Just a dude talking about crypto currencies on the internet.” LOL this is a great disclaimer
  • Not sure where you all take these numbers from. Seems like you all repeat what the others say. Gold is way more scarce than Bitcoin, only 1,5 million kilos and 1 kg is only 35k, so how exactly could one Bitcoin cost 100k? Those who bought it at 16k are still in a big loss. Seems to me like it's all a big gamble rather than an actual "investment".
  • BTC doubled this month.
  • Don’t panic it will be back at 3500 soon
  • Comment and view.volume is a trailing indicator of price. This is going to be a fun ride in terms of price but I’m most exited about what algorithmic advances we might see come out of all this
  • Mr Lark the market dropped 20billion in a very short time ? is it the profit takers or topped out for a bit as it crawls up the mountain again
  • Funny how you mention $ cost averaging I been buying a little bitcoin each week without fail for last 2 years via vimba. Drink a few less beers or less meals out each week vs potentially help pay down mortgage in future was my thought process.
  • Man youre joke 🤣
  • i have $24k sitting in a savings earning interest of $1.12 a month lmao....def waiting for the correction so i can go all in
  • Looks like I may eventually be pulling my cryptos in their entirety from coinbase. Just can't do it yet...thank you for the good work, you are consistent.
  • So many nuggets of truth in this video mate - noice
  • Great, 🙏 👏✌️
  • Craaap, almost forgot about cryptopia, I had about 0.15 btc worth of alts in there. Gone now, or maybe there's some small hope of getting it back? And that's why small relatively unknown exchanges should never be trusted. Sad but true.
  • What 5 cyrptos other then bitcoin, that are good investments for the next 5 to 10 yrs?
  • Crypto adoption metaphor explanation for dummies: Its like when you feel you got to sneeze but its not quite there yet which is very annoying because at this point you want to sneeze so bad, your nose is itching like crazy! you can't even keep your eyes open, moving your head like Stevie Wonder, but its still not there yet so now you even add bit of pepper under your nose and it's so close you can't think straight! At this point you are sure... its not IF but WHEN will you sneeze.. because you know! your are going to sneeze.. It's not IF.. but WHEN will crypto adoption happen.. but it will happen!
  • Hi Crypto Lark... I love listening to you to and from work with all your good info and news. I do however wonder - how many bitcoins do you have yourself? Do you buy for youtube revenue or do you have another job as well next to youtube? (fixed amount each week or another model?) I hope you will answer, and thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Of course it's not too late to buy BTC. "Too late, would be near the top of the bull run and then on its way down.
  • It is way too late! .... until I feel that I bought enough 😜
  • The traitor rapist Assange said never late to buy btc and give to him.
  • All studies have shown that the SEC has hurt or had a neutral effect on investor returns on a macro basis. END the SEC
  • Always good advice! 👍
  • always great content love you Lark
  • You are one smart dude talking about crypto on the internet. Thanks for sharing that wisdom.

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