📈Bitcoin Bottom in?📈 3 new Arguments!

📈Bitcoin Bottom in?📈 3 new Arguments!
📈Bitcoin Bottom in?📈 3 new Arguments!
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  • *Envion News:* https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/03/100-million-crypto-startup-liquidated-by-swiss-regulators-illegal-activity-confirmed/ *Bitmain News:* https://cryptobriefing.com/bitmain-ipo-analysis/ *Filbfilb Chart from May 2017:* https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BLX/W5wwj74c-Bitcoin-Long-Term-Trend-Analysis-A-near-term-clue-BLX-Update/
  • Covesting is the ICO which i invested turned out to be regulated scam
  • in or close to a bull run - yea that's it
  • You're an idiot if you believe that bottom is in...
  • I didn't know Matt Damon made crypto videos
  • almost all companies built their success upon bitcoin turned out to be bad actors. They all need to die before the next bull run. Coinbase.
  • Hey Sunny, most economists believe that an economic recession is coming. Do you think that a recession like the one in 2008 would cause more people to move their money into crypto or do you think that a recession would be bad for crypto as well?
  • rmc.one TOTALLY "got" me ... there are few things in life I regret more, than investing in them.
  • Not even close to all the big scam coins dying out. Looking at you 90ish out of the top 100 lol
  • xrp bitcoin 2.0
  • Please bear in mind that over a period of last 10 years (BTC existance ) we haven't had crisis/depresion in the major financial markets. If that would happen anytime soon, who knows what'd happen with crypto market, which is still considered to be very risky.
  • Great video Sunny! I always appreciate your perspective.
  • People are getting bullish already, could that mean that the bottom isn't in yet?
  • Get well soon Sunny, have a good day. Thanks for you content.
  • Wooo bitmain called a “truce” and their customers are looking like....”oh nooowww you wanna focus on us” ok lol
  • It will fall down again lol 😄
  • You always deserve a like.... good job!!!
  • when USA wanted to cheat the world again to be ahead of every country lol. SEC CFTC wall street boys is having a panic attack, BAKKT Street boys trying to figure out what if people play the Proof of Keys again withdraw all BTC on this Big institutions but they will put a fine print on it im 100% on that, when American wants institution and regulator play the part bwahahhaha @t other than that thanx for the video i just hope this CME is not fooling us just to keep the price low coz CBOE still have contract for next month same as CME. Scam USA stock company, sorry this is what i see with facts they cant do bail out if they Flock up. itcant be added to this if they want more money @t huge rest bwahahhaha you think south east asia wil take new money when they know its ascam . as it is. what invade asian country again lol free the people propaganda USA Europe are good at that. look at Venuzuela withdrewing the 1 billion actual gold from bank of london but got rejected coz they dont have the actual gold bwahahahha we are finding the real crooks lol and DUMB ASS PEOPLE still buying derivatives bwahahahha yeah it make money true bwahahhah i appreciate Bitcoin technology it teach me how and to understand more than i can learn scam to Government scam to Bankers and its puppet politician scam and the people who know the truth but ignored the fact lol @t @
  • why would you need to put a container next to a power plant? lol, but I get it, price doesn't follow common sense yet.
  • Convert traditional funds into cryptocurrency Buy Bitcoin Rhodium Store the value and currency of the future https://bitcoinrh.org https://p2pb2b.io/trade/XRC_BTC
  • Thanks for your work. Link of redirection bankrupcy https://www.envion-konkurs.ch/en/
  • the bitcoin cash people lack common sense
  • You're becoming better everyday dude.... I just miss when you had funny intros making stereotypes.... kkkkk Thanks for the regularity. You have my daily likes,...
  • You forgot hashflare
  • Nobody can time the bottom just buy every week and close your laptop.
  • Great content as always. What do you think of the BAT price movement over the last two weeks?
  • Digibyte.co Your welcome. 👍 Not financial advice. Do your own research and take responsibility for your own decisions.
  • No bottom is in yet. It's just your bias that you want it to be in.
  • I like filbfilb and appreciate his content. For me the clean chart doesn't look finished yet. There is upside potential but highly doubt we break above 4200 in this attempt. Most likely we fail and I want one last dip to 2750-3000 area so bad. I want BTC to touch the yellow support arch in this log scale chart. This way the bottom looks in. The drop in November was so steep that's why I doubt it can be reversed just after this 4-month sideways movement. 2015 we bottomed during 8 months. And more liquidity in the market means a cycle needs more time to finish an to start a new one. The more liquidity in the market the more the growth curve is flattening out. Less parabolic and longer time to reach final bottom. Fingers crossed for one last dip. It would mean the world to me:-)
  • I thought you were objective. These arguments are subjective.
  • i lost count..how many times did this guy said this is the bottom?=))))
  • I got burned on cloud mining by Sunmining. So I use my own miners now. Bitmain may have finacial issues, but my Antminer S9 is still chugging away after my New Innosilicon T2Ts blew a PSU after 8 days. My used S9's are like a tank, not too hot not pulling too much amps. Peaceout bro.
  • I am still glad I never touched any icos! 🤔
  • Yep! I think we’re at, close to, or even past the bottom! Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon......
  • Hi Sunny, I also almost invested at Envion, I guess because Switzerland is known for been such a Free Enterprise Nation, and all the Hype about "Swiss Quality and Seriousness" for running things, people tend to assume that anything or every thing coming from the Land of Mattherhorn is "good" and you can dive in blind folded. By the way in what part of Switzerland are you, if you don't mind me asking? Great Country. Cheers
  • Sunny you need to incalculate price of logistic of this containers and with this mining rewards this is not sustanable for some Time now.
  • Sunny "Daily" Decree, Respect man on these daily updates & videos.
  • Thanks everyday
  • Looking forward to your next video. Get well soon!
  • Bitcoin bottom was on December las year so just hold n starting buying more n patience
  • So what happens when crypto completely takes over fiat these charts just disappear with nothing to compare to. Or all crypto has buying power to a bitcoin standard I guess.
  • Does anyone know what that tool is called on the chart?
  • i like the today's wideo
  • bottom in with shorts on a low? That's not possible. The optimism is too high.
  • wait sunny... didnt you say price is following hashpower a couple weeks ago?
  • Promising ICO? Really? c'mon Sunny! Big players are not being able to generate sound/liquid profits from mining (even with HUGE solar farmings), what makes you think some shady ICO starting from ground zero will? Honestly, ICO for mining, is NOT a thing, at least for me, no sense at all, they just want your money. Plain simple. The only situation I would invest into an ICO for mining, would be from a giant brand, something like Amazon, NVidia, AMD, you get the picture (even though I know they would probably NOT need an ICO...) If one CAN make the tech cheaper, and have a very very good supplier grid for making tech cheaper by the year, AND have a big team to keep it up, yeah, I might. Otherwise, just another junk.
  • Sunny, maybe 3k can be revisited but my humor is bull, so i am longing
  • Hehe, I remember Envion but I think it never looked serious. It was just a very good image movie. Like you said if you looked a bit deeper into Envion you just got a lot of red flags.

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