Bitmex TUTORIAL Advanced - Bitcoin Leverage Trading

Bitmex TUTORIAL Advanced - Bitcoin Leverage Trading
Bitmex TUTORIAL Advanced - Bitcoin Leverage Trading
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  • *Bitmex Registration:* *Bitmex Tutorial for Beginners:* *Liquidation Calculator:* *Timestamps:* Design 0:56 Wallet Balance 1:39 Insurance Fund 2:39 Fees & Funding 3:59 Order Book Prizes 8:13 Trading Strategies 10:00
  • Hi, I did a test on testnet.bitmex. On my testaccount I initially got 0.01 bitcoin. After testing my balance is 0.00106 bitcoin instead an expected value of 0.00123 bitcoin. What Did I miss? Explanation: I bought 80 contracts when the price was 8756 us dollars. So 0.0087 in my position and 0.0013 left as available balance. The leverage was set on x7. I sold using the market button when the price was 9140 US dollars. 100 / 8756 * 9140 = 4.4% higher price. 4.4% x7 = 30%. (ROE indicated around 27.83% on bitmex probably because of fees etc? so I'll stick to that) After selling I now have a total of 0.0106 bitcoin. I expected a total balance around: 0.0013 + (0.0087 * 1.27) = 0.0123 bitcoin. I'd like to know what I'm missing before I try it for real.
  • Hi Sunny. If your position is already „green“ it’s easy. Just do what your said in the video. The most complicated part is the position entry. Maybe you can do a video on that. Thanks for your good work and greez from Vienna, Austria.
  • Hi Sunny. I enjoy this video but nevertheless I have a quick question. If I increase my leverage to take profit as you suggested with a stop loss above the new liquidation price. Will I loose money if my stop loss is triggered?
  • If I understood correctly, Bitmex's largest single source of revenue comes from user liquidations? If they share user data with their trading desk this could be a conflict of interest.
  • Hey,when i buy ltc on bitmex with btc,do i buy ltc/btc or ltc/usd i think i buy ltc /btc but im not sure can you help me thx!
  • Hello, How to transfer from Bitmex to Coinbase. Thank you for your information. Thank you
  • Klasse. Danke Sunny 👍
  • *Bitmex Alternative* to anyone in Bitmex Restricted Area: US/Canda Etc *PrimeXBT is great alternative:* *PrimeXBT Registration:* *PrimeXBT for beginners:*
  • PrimeXBT ( provides a truly unique platform in the world of cryptocurrency trading. A comprehensive range of trading and investing features on a user-friendly interface are suitable for both beginners and professional traders.Prime XBT is a Bitcoin-based platform, offering a leveraged trading on several digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The company was founded in 2018 and from the very first day, we have grown exponentially and currently serve clients in more than 150 countries. We provide our clients with access to top-tier liquidity and wide range of trading tools, while maintaining security, liquidity, enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for everyone.
  • sunny d can you explain what cross margin is?
  • Nice, Learned what a trailing stop loss is, thanks!
  • This isn't a bitmex tutorial! You didn't actually show how to change the liq price, and you didn't show how to set up stop losses.
  • But very nice video with the great job
  • for example as shown in he video you changed leverage time to time for example I'm in profit of 100% with 25x leverage so now the price is keep going up and I will change it to 100x leverage so my profit is 400%?? If yes why we just change the leverage to maximum and take higher profit and exit from the trade
  • Scamest crypto exchange
  • Thanx buddy. Can you kindly explain cross leveraging. I am not getting how that works at all.
  • hey sunny, I want to learn how to use Bitmex and I didn't get one thing you said lets say I'm opening a short position with 10x leverage. Over time the price keeps falling - so I'm in profit. When I rise my leverage up to 25x the liquiditation price get closer to the current price, right? So if I get liquidated because of the 25x leverage I should still be in profit according to the entry price. Do I still lose my money or do I earn the profit between the liquidation price of the 25x leverage and my entry point? I hope I was able to describe my thinking process easily thx for the video
  • Thank you so much Sunny for this tutorial.
  • Dumb question..... Can you make a limit order to long, above the current price....( as in the other side of a resistance point. )....cheers man ...Thanks for all your videos
  • ty
  • what about Unrealized vs. Realized pnl
  • Do you make more money if you change the leverage on an open order with profit from x5 to 50x, or just changes the liquidation price ?
  • thanks really useful video.
  • So if u wanna add to your position later just add more leverage to your existing position?
  • Great content but one doubt for me when we are in profit and at that time if we increase the leverage upto my knowledge there will be no extra profit but only the liqudation price will increase.We will be in profit only if we increase the size of position.The same will be if we decrease the leverage when we are in loss it will not affect the loss but only decrease the liquidation price.Can anyone pls confirm it
  • I hate derivatives. But what are u gonna do...?
  • THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !! Awesome video
  • He's trading with $37'000, what the hell am I going to do with my $700 :(
  • Hey Sunny, how did you add more to your contract when you tripled down? Did you just do a market buy?
  • Captions please ???
  • What is this liquidation Indikator? Is it available in Basic ?
  • every time you modify a position, set a new stop loss, do you get charged fee's? i really appreciate the videos mate they are a great help for bimbo's like me
  • From which Position Bitmex will take the funding cost? From your available balance or take it from the open trade?
  • Hi sunny, if i use the trailing stop then there is no need for me to use any other stop loss feature?
  • Great stuff with this i always earn just yesterday i withdrew $20k
  • Top Video Sunny! Du hast die Deutsche Krypto Youtube Szene komplett auseinander genommen seit dem du den DE Kanal hast! Mega gut!
  • Here is an accurate BTC/USD chart for you and that's the one that is on point ;-) Enjoy
  • awesome video sunny. thanks for the info. i would be more interested in a more detailed video explaining how to mess around with leverage in different situations ( like if you got in on a position and it's going down, what to do with leverage? ,ect. and also how exactly do you add to your original position so it dollar averages your current one?..... any ways great stuff
  • Are there just 15 f@ckwits that hit 'thumbs down' for the hell of it? Thanks Sunny - this stuff is gold. This information could have saved me money when I started Bitmex...
  • How come you pronounce "balance" correct but change it when pronouncing "advanced". You do that alot to certain words and it's weird. Sounds like oddvaunced. You can say "advanced" with the "v" sound but then the next sentence you say "aWailable" instead of "available" it's fkn weird, bro. ActiWait 2:24 - available said correctly 2:29 - (seconds later) says aWailable. Make up your mind, bro.
  • Woow 100x..
  • A whalable
  • If you can make another video about the funding, the the funding indicator on trading view rate with more details that will great
  • What a great content, thank you Sunny !!
  • sunny why you take long position in 5100$?can you explain
  • Great Presentation! Very, very, very helpful! Thanks a lot!!!
  • Wait, so stop losses don't always work? Lol
  • Sometimes too fast, but ty!

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