Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis - High Time Frame/Macro View

Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis - High Time Frame/Macro View
Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis - High Time Frame/Macro View
(READ ME) --- --- --- With the return of semi-regular intraday Bitcoin technical analysis videos to my channel, I thought it would be helpful to present a higher time frame overview of this instrument. I cover the current floors/ceilings for price, support/resistance levels that may not be obvious, attractive downside objectives, and how to react when/if price reaches the $6000 yearly support-turned resistance level. I also argue that for those looking to get exposure to this instrument or asset class, buying above the old floor i.e. above $6200-$6300 is a better bet than trying to be a legendary trader and timing the bottom. Thanks for all the excellent feedback and support on the last analysis video. I'd appreciate a similar turnout for this one. -Cred --- Twitter: Telegram:



  • I watched in Feb and watched again today. Wow! Such great analysis. Do you plan to publish an update soon? Thank you
  • I wish i had you earlier
  • excellent video.
  • Analysis at the end was spot on with what happened in the recent rally. Explained with clear concise information.
  • good content!
  • Great vid. Got some good short, medium and long term ideas
  • you're the fucking best and you fucking know it have a fucking great day sir
  • Outstanding, technical with enthusiasm, a great presentation.
  • I agree with everything in this video. A+
  • But sir I want to buy the bottom
  • Yes Cred, keep up the good work. Could do with a tutorial on how to read order books and depth charts. Unless you have covered already, where to find dude?
  • Thank you!
  • Good stuff. Glad you're back
  • nice man... more of these please :D
  • Nice TA; spade is a spade. thumbs up
  • usefull video
  • subscribe for u , nice video :)
  • Luv this guy
  • Fantastic content, thanks! Would love to see some analysis on Litecoin =D
  • 🐏
  • If you want to get some BTC with a card, try EO Finance
  • thanks, an excellent analysis of the BTC charts !
  • Thank you Cred! Always enjoy your content (first test best test applies for some points in this video😉 ) . Can't wait for the next webinars to learn more . 1000 likes .
  • great video
  • Great stuff again Cred!
  • Any BTC address to donate?
  • Thank you Cred, you are a super Guru!
  • Dude these are all great, really, great analysis and thank you. but you should analyse lower levels as well. We are in a bear trend. If you are talking about 11k which is 3x-4x from where we currently are. You should at least introduce the possibility of 2k or 1k...
  • Why are you not using log chart?
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  • Thnx for the insight!!!
  • Nice video cred. I see from your telegram your ramping up the youtube. Love it! will be watching them all whilst volatility is low.
  • Cred you are the best! ;)
  • Good stuff !!! love the swearing
  • Aloha! ¡Muchas Gracias! Namasthe!
  • Delineate
  • Why not just DCA for th elong term. Minimal brain juice and huge potential returns. just boring...
  • most people seeing another drop to 2k region? sometime in the next two months? then a year of sideways action??
  • When lambo?
  • Clean and simple gets it done. Thanks Cred!
  • If crypto dies what will your brand manager do to your name
  • Thanks Cred! I understand the fact that all those shorts might be fuel for a breakthrough 6k, however if we do apply that logic right now, shouldn't we have a long squeeze?
  • AWESOME, plan with sense!!
  • Your simply one of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your contributions to this community.... Q. What about the L/S margins?
  • Perfect, clear, thanks.
  • Great, clean analysis that gives a good long term perspective and macro levels to watch out for
  • Great video cred. I am MrEther on Twitter
  • bottom or not bottom ?
  • Yes just look at the big uptrend to 20k then the ongoing downtrend. Try to buy when on uptrends and not near resistance. Plus logically there is no catalyst or interest by the masses... it's in cannabis, etc. Apparently support/resistance should be validated with higher volume not just peaks or troughs ( and more than one at same level)

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