My Top Bitcoin Trading Tools

My Top Bitcoin Trading Tools
My Top Bitcoin Trading Tools
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  • Question of the day - What is YOUR favorite Bitcoin trading or investing tool?
  • Thanks for giving this important info. I got my trading tools from the best broker i have seen. He gave me every trading tool, and strategies that can't be seen else where. Thank you sir.
  • too much shill dude. get on it
  • There is literally nothing to very little trading or getting involved with bitcoin being in australia. There are less than a handful of exchanges and trying to get any wallet that deals with australia is practically non existent. Its like this country is totally non existent when it comes to getting involved with bitcoin.
  • ripple for less than a penny gd
  • I really need you to teach me technical analysis finding difficulty to understand
  • nice one mr Chris I'm new here please i really need ur guideline
  • It's a shame NinjaTrader doesn't support Bitcoin trading. They have the best trading platform.
  • Any good calculators like Bimex's calculator?
  • Would be so kind to give an advice. You can simply know that and for me it will be a long time search going through a lot of rubbish information. I use coinbase pro but there are no many indication tools there (just ema 12 and 26) I need VWAP, EMA 9, 20 and SMA 50, 200 and maybe RSI. Is there any software I could connect to coinbase pro to have that technical indications? I would like to stay with Coinbase pro because they do not have taker fees and they are a FIAT crypto exchange.
  • Hi can you guide me for the whole process I am a blank paper in trading
  • Hi Chris, I don't have a comment but a question for you. I'm relatively new in bitcoin mining and I get a lot of rejection from the people I talk to for various reasons, most of them want instant cash while others don't have money to start with and there is a lot of skeptics as well. Is there any advise you can give me?
  • What happened to #4 ? You went 1,2,3,5 ?
  • Great video, Chris! Thumbs up and subbed.
  • very clear to me your videos.
  • just invest on LEDU COIN now, im my opinion because it has a potential go up...and LEDU token or Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches people how to build complete products in future technological fields
  • Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Poloniex won't service Washington State customers since I reside in Washington and am a U.S. citizen. Which ones are best to trade on?
  • I'm using an arbitration bot - Bibitbiot to trade between exchanges. Chris, are you using something like this?
  • I recommend Hitbtc exchange, they have a very good support. If you have a small problem, it will be solved within 2-3 days. You won’t regret if you start your trader journey with this exchange.
  • Hold up.... You can buy cryptocurrencies online...? Wtf has this dude on Craigslist been selling me, I finally got 1 full bitcoin.. Its fully steel and is marked bitcoin certified... Can I put it online?
  • what sign btc up or down price
  • Please help I struggled lot over past 4 months...still I can't earn single ...penny but lost more ... please ...I want some help.... please Just consider once....I beg please help 3BN5gUdJLy8u4ECX6yQB7wWGWeJGmrbbsB
  • Awesome I get some idea from your video thanks!
  • Great work team gig9 I increasingly believe in the success of the project. The project has shown me very useful values.
  • Damn looking back on this vid almost a year later is nuts, market cap back then was 27 billion, now has peaked at 830 billion... wonder where it'll go next
  • Chris, AWESOME Video as usual. I've got so much value already from your video. I'm just an average joe, not a superstar YouTUber like yourself, but have something of great excitement which is a new market scanner (that includes arbitrage) at CryptoWizards. Trying to serve a need and struggling to stand out. Can you give any advice on how to make people aware of this tool as my video's kinda aren't great but the tool is AMAZING?? Regardless, just to say, thank you again for the GREAT content.
  • good jop bittrex
  • Chris, somehow I missed #4. It seemed that the video skipped from the end of #3 to the beginning of #5.
  • What do you think of .
  • is a standout among other effective ICO Coin
  • Just saw your video whats the best way to get started with bitcoin?
  • Good evening. I represent to you the platform of the future, TokenGo. The developers pay attention to the fact that despite the explosive growth of the ICO in 2017, until now its capabilities remain limited. Tokenization in existing analogues is used exclusively to attract funds. TokenGo platform is suggested to go further and create a full ecosystem within which any member can create their own crypto-currencies, program smart contracts, use tokens to exchange or purchase goods / services.
  • This is the 1st time I've seen one of your vids. New to cryptocurrency, only 2 weeks in. I really appreciated how you explain things in easy clear terms. I have subscribed! lol TY
  • Do you change your alt coins to USDT when they are experiencing a huge crash?
  • What do you think of earn BIG cash in the fx trading using Trabeplom System? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Trabeplom System.
  • Your knowledge, enthusiasm and articulation blows the mind 👌👌👌
  • that was rally rally big microphone mate
  • Chris am i able to trade bitcoin from site to site?
  • Ur my favourite tool!
  • got ltc in kucoin from eur i believe. have no idea how to buy stuff with it, i tried says funds don't work. probably need to transfer them to eth wallet or similar? could you clearify how this works, thanks
  • iDEAL ViDEO! <3
  • I am trying to find an App that will send notifications through to my phone based on cryto indicators passing a certain threshold, mainly MFI and MACD. I currently use crytowatch on my laptop and use the indicators to make my trades on GDAX. But i cant be with my laptop at all times and it makes it very difficult. There are currently an abundance of apps offering price alerts but none for the indicators which should be used when deciding to trade. Have you any suggestions of App offering this or perhaps it would be a good video idea. Thanks.
  • You Can Also Use Bitcoin Tools Suite
  • Which is the best laptops computers for working on these trading platforms?
  • hi chris can you please help me out on any tool for finding the supply & demand zones on coinigy....
  • Chris can you please do a video on how to trade bitcoin using the fibonacci tools? Thank you.
  • F* these prices, omg Ripple!
  • Wow! This is so well expressed, both thoughts and the voice, that it is still understandable at the highest playback speed!
  • Coinigy is cool... here s my referral link is anyone wants to use it signing up first time it give me a free month (or close to it) you can benefit too refer your friends once you sign up.

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