Bitcoin BTC April 1st Technical Analysis - My Position

Bitcoin BTC April 1st Technical Analysis - My Position
Bitcoin BTC April 1st Technical Analysis - My Position
This video is an apology to the public, letting you know how I am now, what happened, combined with a detailed TA that includes MA, basic WXYZ formation, resistances, accumulation, and dollar cost averaging.



  • Welcome back Philakone!!! Glad to have you back bro!!! :)
  • Will you start a signalling group, Phila?
  • Good to see you back..~!!
  • Rufio, Rufio, RUUUUFFFIIIIOOOOOO! First girlfriends can be rough, especially when they dont show up until youre in your 30's! Glad youre only "barely" drinking now, lol. You were trying to sell that 'IDGAF' attitude pretty hard. Hope to see the modest you from now on, the one from a year and a half ago... Still subed, still watching.
  • This is most motivating and very inspiring. Thank you for allowing myself and others to see through this higher lens of learning from your mistakes, this is so essential.
  • Somehow I missed this video when it was released and watched it right now.  And I have to say that it had a very good clearing effect on my mind in terms of assessing current market conditions. Thanks, Phil, you are very good at explaining sophisticated things in a clear way!
  • Its been a Min . much love gangsta!!!
  • Lets face it we dont care about if u killed who if u killed 30 people and are super evil we dont care we all just want you to do technical analysis and help ous make money!!!!!
  • You're amazing man
  • Philakone, glad to see you back and you seem to be in a better way mentally.
  • so why were you really gone ?
  • Damn, you look like 25 to me. Welcome back mama whale. We love you.
  • Good call phil
  • Dont worry about what happened, we all have been there. It is great to have you back
  • Sabaidee
  • Keep on keeping on!
  • Glad to hear you are doing good my friend. Welcome back to your channel.
  • happy you are back :)
  • Once you get used to sobriety and past the addictions, there's no going back. The clarity of mind is something i could never do without again.
  • Happy to see You Phil... miss you <3
  • more than 16% rise in 24hrs.Weldone mentor.
  • great video man. Thank you!
  • Good to see you back! All the best
  • philarekt
  • your comeback is just in time, bitcoin pump.
  • Mama Whale is back!!!
  • Good to have you back online!The journey begins anew!
  • wow classic. still 100% full of shit. not a damn thing changed. holy shit this mu'fucker.
  • Phil was out cause he went on a trip into the dephs of the ocean to talk with the wales and conspirate against us fishes
  • Your a horrible person for what you did on twitter.. Oh and you dont REMEMBER doing it?!?! Your a joke. Oh and you told your paid viewers to short BTC then it went for a 1k pop.. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMENDED YOUR CRAP COURSE!!
  • Nice to see you again, I'm glad you're back, and hope you feel better. A good idea is to find something other than trading you can focus on when things are overwhelming and you need to step back. Can be as simple as watching easy, light, comedy movies or going to the zoo, or something that makes you relax that doesn't affect your health negatively. Hiking is great. Love. :)
  • Welcome Back Phil Big love FAM
  • Your a legend we are always behind you thank you for your teachings I really appreciate it Thank you
  • I have tears in my overwhelming feeling
  • You are the greatest
  • Omg, omg, I missed You dude
  • Missed you brother, welcome back
  • Perhaps the articles that were circulating regarding SEC's EFT approval might have fooled a lot of people...and just in time for a BTC crossover. Nonetheless, any good technician knows that fundamentals can sometimes throw off any good analysis or create unexpected results, whether the reasoning behind the push is real or not. Anyone that is blindly following your calls or any other calls can only blame themselves, really. I say that in response to some of the comments below. No technician is ever right all of the time, but that does not mean that they are not exceptional at what they do. Besides, your true followers know that this entire analysis was a massive April Fool's joke to celebrate your return haha. Keep up the good work, my friend.
  • Holly Crap man my fellow lands man, Happy to be hearing you again. Been looking and waiting for ya........WooHoo...!
  • Probably won't break $4,200 anytime soon lol.
  • Welcome back.
  • took me a minute but you are consuming Alprazolam or xanax , you rich user. senor.
  • Glad to have you back man, wasnt the same without ya lol!!! No reasons or apologies needed, your business and none of ours. Just glad you’re ok
  • this mother fucker always gives wrong signal, now got liquidated
  • DE HE GO , XLM work ❗ TAKE MY Verge 💥
  • Well, that was not accounting for a liquidity tap at 5k...
  • have to laugh man.... 1 day back and youre REKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good call :) also you need to learn that life is NOT about money dude......
  • Welcome back !

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