My View on Bitcoin and this current dip (2019)

My View on Bitcoin and this current dip (2019)
My View on Bitcoin and this current dip (2019)
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  • $19K+ BTC by August 31st 2019!
  • Animated or not, trust me: WE GONNA WATCH bro hahha just promise us to keep the “what iz up guys”!! Woooo truuuuceee
  • vastrangelinks/com just added 4 btc hack into my wallet
  • I got interested in bitcoin when i felt it was a bit late and as it kept rising, i made myself believe it would dip further until i got the logic and had to sell some positions i held in some other coins and made a total of 4btc at $7,800 each. I was then introduced to Mark Hall who told me DCA was a good strategy but trading was an even greater strategy so i went in quite skeptical. In just 2 weeks, i had grown 4btc to over 12btc and this has been a thing of joy to my family and I. His strategies and trade signals are some of the most accurate and easy to implement. For inquiries, Mark can be reached by mail *(* so as to get a better understanding of his new job
  • Libra central cookie coin
  • Yea bro don't let anyone away your views you were passionate an prob right if people don't like your content let the make there own content stick to your guns an don't let spoilt rotten viewers ruin your mojo my bro this is about your view not anyone else's don't simulate for the likes
  • Forgive Facebook? You're out of your dam mind!! Facebook only exploit's it's user's. Libra coin will do the same. Stay far away.
  • I think you are very naive to trust FB. Less likely to commit same crimes? More likely. They will simply pay fines and lie. Trust is earned. They have earned distrust.
  • Libra crypto is for Liberal leftist, stay away from Facebook Mark Fuckerberg socialist commie libra food stamps.
  • I prefer animated video, thanks
  • I am a fan of your animated videos but it's really cool that you did this more casual explanatory video. I think you should feel free to do both kinds!
  • How do I follow your TWitter or other connections? Thank you very much,
  • I still hear it in your voice. Dont worry about people just be yourself my brother and do your thing!
  • Coins now holding support with yesterday's break. If the next two weeks moves upwards into August, what I would like to see another is another push lower taking out yesterday's lows. If that happens in August and then moves back inside the low, go long on the break of the previous days highs... Now long again litecoin , Ethereum, Xrp, Monero. However not long on BITCOIN as it hasn't reached support. This will be a bullish setup for holding longs until the end of the year and into next. If not, Ouch 👎
  • Awesome job my friend. TBH I hope FB is not allowed to continue with there project.
  • These are just as great as ur animated ones, hearing ur opinion is def good. Keep up the great content !
  • Just say no to #facebank666 TA is 🐂💩.
  • Facebook should NOT be forgiven! They will use Libra to track your finances & they'll be sure to ban you from using their shitcoin for having different/conservative political beliefs. They're an evil company & they can't be trusted.
  • You have to get your confidence back in your vids.?sounds like you are still a bit thrown off from the one vid where u spoke against alts
  • I enjoy this style if video as well. Thanks for switching it up a little bit. I also LOVE the animated videos. Keep em coming friend. 5 star YouTuber.
  • Facebook and Libra will definitely bring more attention to the cryptocurrency space. Whether or not it's positive attention remains to be seen. As for forgiving FB for its previous privacy indiscretions, I believe that is contradictory to the purpose of crypto in general. A centralized authority duping the masses and selling their likeness after promising the opposite is a clear violation of the privacy stance originally embraced in the crypto space. But then again, is anything truly private anymore?
  • Pay attention that now the open round of ICO of tokens associated with Telegram started on I advise cryptoinvestors to pay attention. There is a high potential to growth after floatation)
  • I still hear it in your voice. Dont worry about people just be yourself my brother and do your thing!
  • Support zuckerberg? Ha you are delusional
  • Animated and this is fine. Just mix it up.
  • Dips over go long
  • This was good, Animations BETTER👍
  • Right now is time to buy Alts, Not BTC
  • Animated 100% Wasn't sure if it was you when I didn't hear "What is up guys"...LOL
  • Your wedge is WRONG!!!!!!!
  • You’re the king of animation and I enjoy watching those videos. This one however... Not so good Respectfully
  • You know Dam well Libra will share Peoples Data, that hearing was just a Shit Show for the Public
  • Btc to100k
  • I like this video style..
  • Dude, no animation? Why? What happened to ‘what is up guys?’
  • 👍👍👍👍.....On BTC.......Libra 👎👎👎👎👎Libra is another shitcoin!!!!!

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