Will this Event trigger a Bitcoin Bullmarket?

Will this Event trigger a Bitcoin Bullmarket?
Will this Event trigger a Bitcoin Bullmarket?
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  • *Starbucks News:* https://coinmarketfeed.com/news/starbucks-will-now-accept-bitcoin-facilitated-by-the-nyse-backed-bakkt-platform
  • The key question is - how Starbucks will exercise a hodling effect in one way of form? As you said Sunny, supply and demand are key. For the price of BTC to grow , the volume won't change much . If you have 10 bln in and out / 24h , the price change eventually will be 0%. For the price to grow , we need to have constantly hodling . If 1% out of 10 bln stays with BTC , then this will grow the price on the next 10bln $ injected into BTC. It's simple, fill a strong back with water and you will see how the water level grows if the stream is too strong and the whole not big to empty the bag. We need to have constantly more water that the whole can empty out. The water is the $ into BTC, the whole is the BTC to $ :-) The ETF is key for the price increase, same goes for the new custody solutions and Banking product indexed on BTC and other cryptos .
  • graphy decree
  • Business Owner's Seething Critique of the Lightning Network Goes Viral A business owner who runs a media company in Australia and pays employees remotely in the Philippines has given his honest opinion on what it’s like to use the Lightning Network (LN). Jason Smith’s experience of attempting to use LN for payments was filled with frustration. He reports that the fundamental structure of the offchain solution is riddled with problems. Also Read: Report: Lightning Network Still Way off Being Ready for Commercial Use Australian Business Owner: ‘I Want to Pay Employees with Bitcoin — But There’s a Problem’ Over the last few years, people have been arguing relentlessly about the Bitcoin scaling debate and proposed solutions. One of the most controversial solutions for BTC’s transaction congestion and rising fees is an off chain mechanism called the Lightning Network. LN has been heralded by many BTC proponents even when it has been criticized for UX unfriendliness, centralization, and routing issues as they believe it is still a work in progress. Much of the criticism directed towards the LN solution has been because merchants find it difficult to use as connections fail or expire quite often and funds need to be locked into channels. On Feb. 28, business owner Jason Smith explained to his Twitter followers that he runs a media company from Australia and pays people in the Philippines to help with back end programming. Smith detailed that he used BTC to pay them, but in 2017 fees got ridiculously high and he had to “completely write off the idea” of paying his staff with bitcoin during that time. Smith’s tweetstorm went viral with more than 200 retweets and over 750 likes at the time of publication. He then tried to utilize the LN to facilitate payments by using a custodial LN application and Pierre Rochard’s node launcher. After purchasing some stickers with LN he thought the solution might work, but after winning some money on a betting site he hit a snag when he couldn’t withdraw the money. This is because he needed incoming channels connected to his node with funds on the other side. “I eventually managed to find a service that would open up channels back to me, (for a fee), and was able to receive money again — Then I started trying to close some channels to get money back out of lightning — God what a hassle,” Smith explained. He continued: Now I’m told some of the Lightning problems will be solved with certain developments but I assure you, the fundamental structure of lightning doesn’t suit me at all for my business — I want to pay my staff each month — Businesses can’t leave money tied up in Lightning channels. ‘Lighting Is Not Easy to Use, Which Any Scaling Solution Needs to Be’ Smith also complained about BTC proponents who actually want high fees in order to drive the adoption of LN higher and showed his frustration for commentary like “bitcoin isn’t for poor people.”
  • Absolutely and totally in the shortage side. Right now, the prices are waaaaaaay too low given the fact we are in a bear market (which might be ending very soon) and the last bull run sent the BTC and cryptos to a (then) sky-high. So, there has to be a change in the opposite direction (things were going low and they now need to go high). I believe the turn of the tables is coming soon.... What do you think, Sunny?
  • I hope so!
  • classic: price/market illustration explained wrong … its always equilibrium, by definition. offer and demand build price.
  • sunny friend, your graph is wrong, you have invested S by D (change it to the reverse), you will see: when the supply is high the price is usually low and vice versa, and on the contrary when the demand is high the price usually It is also high and vice versa. Greetings keep going ..... :)
  • Supply and DeeMaund 😂
  • Yes , this event will get more people talking about Bitcoin, but if there is no incentive for customers to go through the extra process, and probably pay a fee, why would they bother? I spend a lot of $$ at Starbucks, but I am not motivated by this. This is not even something I can show it to my friends because I will have a traditional Starbucks card with fiat loaded on it.
  • We are always in equilibrium. Every second of every day.
  • It’s demand not demond I can raise my hand I can’t raise my hond Got it? Thanks.
  • what's happened with this chanal from 100k subscribers now drop to 83K subscribes?
  • welcome BAKT to another episode! :D
  • sunny plz do aminterview with cryptoface IT BE SO EPIC!!!!!
  • Who wants their shite coffee anyway ?
  • Utrust is launching this month, and every merchant is going to be able to accept crypto payments easily! Online and POS. Look it up!
  • the higher the price, the more hodlers are willing to sell so the less people are wanting to buy. This means a pricedrop The lower the price, the less hodlers are willing to sell so the more people are wanting to buy. This means an increase in price. But: this doesn't work with FOMO. Fear of Missing out can happen in a bull market ("things keep going up so i jump on the train as well for a quick profit") but also in a bear market.... ("you should buy the dip now"). The equilibrium is the break even: it's the current price. Based on the position in the pricecycle it's more likely that less people are wanting to sell right now because they could have done this earlier with higher prices. But that doesn't mean that the prices will go up right now...We can be in the FOMO phase of the bear market... that's my opinion
  • i found some news i norwegians biggest news-site today, not sure if this is "new news" or older news. anyway, twitter-boss Jack Dorsey says he spends tousands of dollers every week cuz he belive in BTC. he used to talk positive about btc and crypto, but this is the first time he talk about private investments. he also belive that btc will raise huge in price over the next years. so even if you buy btc at 3k / btc or 7k / btc, it will anyway be massive gains "if" btc become a global value. Dorsey is also founder of mobilcompany Square who activity help the work for btc-network. sry for my english :)
  • Postponement is the name of the game. #Soon
  • Economy 101
  • Pretty sure Bakkt already has the BTC they need. Purchased off OTC so you won’t see anything on exchange.
  • Great video
  • Douglas George comment is very polite. English is my second language. I will translate Doug comment in street mentality. Who the heck will use Bitcoin to buy coffee just a dumb ass i will use my Bitcoin to but a house in paper money term paid for no monthly. Bakkt they just wanna be linkmto BTC they know the world is change they cany manipulate BTC like gold and silver Derivatives contract. ICE IS OUT DATED STOCK EXCHANGE IS OUT DATED hoping for Banks read why BTC is created lol. By the way did JP Morgan created a token lol so they can control you us we. Day trader will buy that and put value
  • Crypto is just pump and dump market . Dont waste ur time in maths
  • why u people expecting bullmarketnow. Just now bearmarket started this will continue 2019 ... uptrend start from 2020 .. Bullmarket 2021-2022 ...
  • http://www.freegpumining.com Bitcoin Mining 0.005 BTC
  • thanks for the great content!
  • Last night i dreamed Bitcoin is on 29k 😊
  • They will stab us from the BAKKT again !
  • No outro :o
  • Another very good content, keep up the good work Sunny D.
  • maybe Starbucks is going to try pushing BCash and just saying it is Bitcoin.
  • Wheres thd original music at the end? Need it back
  • Supply and demand is a scientific law... it’s not a theory
  • You've started with clickbaits and questional quality too much lately...
  • What does it mean? US dollar soon will be backed with bitcoin as reserves?
  • linkkoin online exchanges gives $5 in crypto to newly registered customers , to transaction for at least 100USD
  • Ain’t no one gonna buy coffee with btc right now.... when it is valued at its true value they will(much,much higher than now!) so maybe if there are Starbucks in Venezuela or any other poor country going through similar 💩 then great for them..... that’s all. Don’t care now or ever will about bakkt... it’s coming whether we like it or not.... hate whiners crying about it... wasting your energy
  • Lol... the only thing that will turn BTC bullish is another massive pump and dump. The era of crypto is over, find a new hobby and get a job, just my opinion.
  • Supply and demand... hmm sounds like you need *mass adoption*
  • If bitcoin is going sideways then its in equilibrium since number of buyers = number of sellers (i.e. supply = demand)
  • Awesome update today! 💯💯💯
  • actually bakkt is following starbucks on twitter dont know why. thats funny.
  • You forget to talk about basis...the diff between the futures price and the cash price. Also you can still have high supply and high prices ie crude oil.
  • Congrats for the chart !
  • Я не понимаю людей, которые не доверяют токену Telegram) разве вы не понимаете, что он может вырасти в цене в 100-300 раз? Я купил 1000 жетонов на их ICO best-coins.pro / ICO-gram / ton
  • Click bait video don’t click
  • You say tomato I say tomato Starbucks is still basically accepting digital assets because of it. They just aren't handling the process that converts it but they are supporting the process that converts it

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