🚨HOLY SH!T: 11'000 Bitcoin SHORTS gone!?!?!?🚨

🚨HOLY SH!T: 11'000 Bitcoin SHORTS gone!?!?!?🚨
🚨HOLY SH!T: 11'000 Bitcoin SHORTS gone!?!?!?🚨
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  • Thank you Sunny! Everyone forgets with the FUD AND FOMO INDEX'S. The *market* has over doubled in Bitcoin accounts since our last boom, and over a million new accounts a day are still being made. So what are they comparing it to? The past!
  • sunny if it goes down I kick you ass with scumbagggg
  • This video saved my ass. Subscribed! Got out at 7850.
  • bitcoin for the rich, prizm for all
  • Please make a review about PRIZM cryptocurrency.
  • I think Alessio did a better job, we are close to 7k right now than close to 9k
  • PRIZM IS SCAM!!!The Prizm coin is linked to the Transnistrian region of Ukraine, which is subject to worldwide sanctions ... You will not support terrorism?
  • Not a fact. Now a stable income with only PRIZM cryptocurrency, she has paramining and as a result I know exactly how much I will earn per day, per week, and so on. The rest of the lottery is less than chances in a casino.
  • What a great presentation!
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  • Hey sunny Iv'e been following you since 2017, you are by far the best youtuber of crypto out there, thanks alot for your honest content and updates, much appreciate (= @sunny decree
  • Thank you There will be a desire - pay attention to Prizm, which is created as a global international payment system with fast, cheap, safe translations from user to user without the participation of third parties and which allows users to store and increase their cash funds due to the unique Paramining system up to 25% per month.
  • Sunny, you are a seer. Fantastic videos and awesome research. Kudos to you. Keep it up
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  • very good points, Sunny! excellent analysis on what happened with btc and hiperwave theory implication
  • You can't really be that mad at tyler and tone with the bear narrative. In traditional markets you have people making Bull & Bear Arguments for various assets. One of them is always wrong. That's all this is. They got the call wrong. It's also a good lesson for everyone else not to think that your favorite YouTube personality is the Oracle of Delphi
  • Pay attention to PRIZM cryptocurrency !!! Only with PRIZM cryptocurrency you can earn every second !!! even if you have Bitcoin and you are waiting for the growth rate of the coin ... PRIZM cryptocurrency will save your family wallet !!!
  • I hope you adjust your sl on bitmex there we reach nearly 6000
  • Maybe you can talk about the 700 USD Gab to bitstamp to binace..... i had a buy order at 6400 andiam in.... binance nerver deeper as 7200 sure we will now see deeper lows again
  • Hey Sunny have a live TA with Mitch Ray
  • lmfao whoever closed that short position got absolutely fucked. Sold right at the (from a shorters perspective) bottom.
  • Look at bitcoin now down down down
  • Good
  • Fkn bull trap
  • Gonna have to say 11000 bitcoin is going to sell and the price is gonna crash...
  • https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/fC6HkCG2-BTC-92-94-DROP-OMFG-vs-FORD-MOTOR/
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  • "Raise awareness" actually means spread propaganda
  • 8:41 YES! We have to raise the AVARENESS!!!
  • Thanks again Sunny - your updates are gold
  • Litecoin is the next bitcoin, except its faster, cheaper and better.
  • Check this out, I'd like a video about that. We should all remember that Tether situation is still sketchy and may have influenced the market once again https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-15/bitcoin-rally-is-masking-capital-flight-from-crypto-exchanges
  • As I am watching this video btc is falling
  • Hyperwave are still learning how it goes, not a lot of time in crypto, but think they have good intentions
  • You tha man
  • Can y talk about ThoreCoin?
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