My Bitcoin Price Targets for the next Bullmarket

My Bitcoin Price Targets for the next Bullmarket
My Bitcoin Price Targets for the next Bullmarket
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  • *Bitcoin SV Original Video:*
  • who is this cockhead?
  • Really bro ? I didnt know you. Ok we can be interested in the analytics but honestly.... what is this fuking sound... u can not afford a mic bro ? No credibility here bro. Buy a fukin car, buy a mic, by a fukin cam and then we talk. ❤️ love and peace
  • Sunny, cant get my channel to look like that, can you explain how its setup? I see its weekly, but my hope thing doesnt arc like that....thanks
  • Dumb fuck paid puppets 😂
  • Sunny Bro, Dont mind of these peoples. You just continue your best thoughts.
  • sunny, how to you get the hope to curve?
  • 11%dump a pump and dump 💩
  • Another great video Sunny, we are in agreement yet again. I just uploaded a video Friday showing 3 different approaches by different technical analysts that have the next ATH marked out for bitcoin and your quick analysis is also within that same ball park 😋 Good to see we are all on the same page!
  • Thanks Sunny for your work! Love your accent!
  • Sunny.....dont waste your time with that guy
  • Nice one, I have a target of $140K for the next bull run to top sometime in 2021.
  • Great response to criticism. I follow a few people I don't agree with just to get an alternative view and a few times it's helped get a better view of the overall market / direction.
  • Hey, Sunny! Great video... did you need to do anything special for that indicator? Mine looks nothing like yours! :)
  • Switzerland is in Scandinavia :DDD
  • Every person who speaks, speaks with an accent. But when people hear somebody speak differently than themselves they think it's the other guy that has the accent :-)
  • He appears to be obsessed.
  • Bull market alright!
  • Prediction: everybody go all in on this bull trap and lose big time, causing many more to question the market and leave for good.
  • Sunny, your one of the best at your job. And you love your job, I know. These people will never understand. You just keep doing what your doing.
  • sunny BITCONNECT decree . do not forget
  • you realize CME/CBOE futures are net neutral right? there's a seller for every buyer. there's no way you can claim a large block of open interest was a long or a short. its both lol
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  • you are a great man. love your analysis. also plz if you get a chance lets talk about bitcoinhex too. it is becoming more serious these days. we need more information about it. i will appreciate that. tnx
  • Nice job thank you!
  • Oh you are Canadian?? I though your German
  • 17th of Dec is by B-day. I remember it so well. I was screaming at the top ofnmy lungs when NEO hit 180. I got in around $6...needless to say it was a shitty year. I didn't sell shit
  • arent you swiss, not canadian?
  • took 5 days for that shit to get filled dats a lota doweeee
  • Thank you
  • MagicPoopCannon feeds the trolls too. I love MagicPoopCannon. =D
  • its the ENGLISH with the accent...i need tv to show words for me to understand the ENGLISH...most people think CALIFORNIA ENGLISH is the real one...everyone who speaks English has their own style, mixed with their own language.
  • Your awesome bro. One of the best. You and Krystof are my favs.
  • what is that mix track from at end of video im a try and shazam it now
  • You did very god. that guy's speaks red neck English.
  • Rip my bitcoin to Quadrigacx
  • Mate, honestly why you even bother with that twat. You just make him free advertising which is probably what he aiming. The best course of action is to ignore him and don't even bother to watch his videos...He doesn't deserve any views!
  • Great video and feedback~
  • Fuck that. Why would u even link that mofo’s video. I ain’t giving him a single view. I do rewatch some of your videos though. 😜.
  • You’re awesome
  • Mate Keep up the Great work, I Wake up, your the first person i listen too .
  • "Never laught at a foreign person talking with errors in grammar or accent because he spent a lot of time to learn, and most of the time he's speaking a foreign language better than you". By the way your accent Sunny makes you easily recognizable in the cryptosphere that is an asset !
  • How much does blockstream pay?
  • Where can I send You an email with a support picture?:)
  • #1 rule to remember... ABC and SV have no chance because they are controlled by lying, toxic people that have limited funds. BTC is supported by real world fiat whales. When people like Jack Dorsey, Woz, Musk, Thiel etc name BTC king you better believe its the one you should be banking on coming out on top.
  • Who the fuck is this stupid fucktard?
  • Sells at $300,000 *Bitcoin rises to $1m*
  • Hi Sunny In one way or another, we always have accents, specially when we speaks other languages. This guy who criticizes your accent, he himself has a strong accent. Your accent is cute and soft so don't worry about him. keep doing what you do because you are doing a terrific job, my congratulations to you.

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