WHALE MOVES 60'000 BITCOIN! Dump inc or just FUD?

WHALE MOVES 60'000 BITCOIN! Dump inc or just FUD?
WHALE MOVES 60'000 BITCOIN! Dump inc or just FUD?
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  • *Bitcoin Richlist:* https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/18rnfoQgGo1HqvVQaAN4QnxjYE7Sez9eca
  • Why can’t it just be someone who’s tired of waiting for another bull run? If I held 400k BTC at current price, I’d sell it. Sure, it might scare people, but I want my money when I want it.
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  • OTC deals cause little to non slippage... only dumping on exchanges impact market prices.
  • unless he sold them all for 4900 each then its just a wash.....
  • It’s pretty simple. Did they move the BTC to an exchange? If not, then this is just pointless speculation.
  • They are going to buy alts with it
  • This is Richard Heart's mohney
  • Okay I will stop to buy Thank you
  • most likely for the alt rally , buy cheap and dump on the new comers thereafter .
  • What are you buying something that doesn't exist it's made up any one want to buy . A jar of air
  • That’s looking like a mining companies main account, with a little research I bet you’ll find it’s one of the top mining companies and they’ve done a runner like BitConnect etc or they’ve paid their customers and now they’re adding back to the account
  • Sent it to Fidelity
  • Thats my wallet address. Don't worry guys i just switched over to litecoin.
  • Not for dumping Likely a backroom ORC buy for institutional
  • Sunny, you crack me the fuq up with ur creativity 😂😂😂. You def deserve all your subs and referrals u have. I can def tell you put it a lot of work, and enthusiasm into this. I would have to quit my job to do what u do. As always ... THANK YOU for ur content, and for keeping me entertained this entire near market 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Question for you sunny, as I’m learning more and more from videos like yours. Does the wallet w 60k btc have to be an individual or do exchanges that store multiple ppls btc have wallets w massive amounts on them
  • He switched from Ledger to Trezor. That is a ll Folks.
  • So potential that BTC could actually be getting moved in to ALTS? cpusl they forsee an alt season?
  • Sunny, where is your link fot free ETH, and my response on it ?
  • Wiedermal ein gutes Video. Hoffentlich wurden die ganzen Bitcoin lediglich auf kleinere Wallets aufgeteilt. Vlt kannst du einmal über künstliche Intelligenz Unternehmen berichten. Peculium (PCL) und NaPoleonX (NPX) sind hier interessant. Peculium startet nächste Woche seine "Open Beta" für Ihre Krypto Sparplattform.
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  • hi brother, want to join DDK cryptocurrency that will be completed at GE SIMEX April 2019. WhatsApp +601151780867
  • 60k Bitcoin, fuck
  • We need a market dump. We need to show the SEC a 1.3K BTC anyway if we want the ETFs approved.
  • Binance wallet just prepping for Safu upgrades
  • I just put that btc in a nice long...
  • Bitcoin is for fools and fishes. Even of the mammalian sort.
  • literally no 1 is mentioning where the whale move took place lol. TOTALLY NOT A FAKE RUMOR OR ANYTHING LOL
  • Shit craig wright is coming
  • Anyone holding 60,000 BTC would have sold a year ago, this can only be the banks attempting to drive BTC as low as possible to scare away retail investors. The beauty of it is they are only making BTC affordable again - buy up before it heads back to ATH.
  • Bitcoin will be down next couple days
  • So maybe Venezuelas power went out so the government can use that power to mine cryptos.
  • I am sure they invested those Bitcoins in altcoins with great features and high potentials like Digibyte, Apollo, Cardano, Icon of Electra
  • It might be Fidelity moving BTC to its new institutional investors
  • I want to tip you in brave browser. I receive free tokens per month to donate. your information helps so I want to donate it to you.
  • Ahhhh Sunny you discovered me indeed. I decided to make the best investment of my life I have indeed retrieved all my BTC to buy S&P 500 because we are bullish in S&P 500 medias say.
  • After tracking his coins you can see that they most got sent to wallet (bc1qyy30guv6m5ez7ntj0ayr08u23w3k5s8vg3elmxdzlh8a3xskupyqn2lp5w) and then from here they got sent to different wallets each holding 1k btc.
  • Funny intro.
  • This is how they generate the fake volume on the exchanges they just keep moving it around. Nobody cares about bitcoin. If you knew the real volume you would laugh or cry!
  • Maybe who ever move it. He is probably going to jail for not paying taxes and move it to paper wallet
  • Hi Sunny, could you help us with more info how to get Bit .Hex....i listened it on few acasions but still didnt get when...and how..to get it..
  • That thing with ethers-live.com is F.... scam hey,?
  • if the guy was smart he would have dumped the 60k btc at the top and the 6.4k at the bottom :-) people using public addresses are smarter than the people looking at them :-)
  • thanks for this info 👍🏻 Have you got any videos on where a complete beginner to bitcoin or other crypto currencies would start? Or links to videos which can help? I'm tempted to put $2,000 down on trading crypto but I wouldn't know where to begin
  • Would you sell 80% of ur btc holdings after all these good trades when the btc fall 85%??
  • He created a multi addresses, you can see that checking his btc address on blockchain explorer. He sent circa 1000 btc for each address.
  • Interesting report! R U Swiss?

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