Bitcoin Hodlers must know this...!

Bitcoin Hodlers must know this...!
Bitcoin Hodlers must know this...!
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  • *Savvy Sara Original Video:* *US Iran Sanctions:* *Coindesk Article:*
  • ahhahahhahaaq Iove it ,,, you dont know your facts but you public fooled yourself....XRP is .2 SECONDS last i seen does over 1500+ and soon will go to 1 second and 50,000tx pwer second, they have never had a sinle issue hard fork or anything. the fee s 0.00002 wwait you cant3 be that dumnb ay You were being sarcastic ??? this is to make fun of it ?? you know its centralised and shit or you have to run nodes to simply do something on a second layer when xrp was dong ityears ago , XRP can also handle ICOs on the ledger , It has had a twit bot fgor obver 8 mnths now an im typing so faST WHILE LAUGING MY TYPING IS ALL OVER TH PLACE 'SENGR {dSIJZD/IH'OJCVH DKJZN/LJX/CNKZ/LBJ.C N
  • Crypto is Back
  • “Avware off”
  • This is old news
  • sunny, you really work hard and expose us to good information. will buy more BTC. thanks
  • Hi sunny , I live in Iran too, I recently found your channel here, keep up the good work !
  • The word is Declined Your access is declined Your bitcoin is declined at the supermarket Declined Who ya gonna call(ghost busters) The exchanges Yea right Pigs 🐖 fly Fairy 🧚‍♀️ dust is real gold The only word ya need to think about One day is Bitcoin access DECLINED
  • Pessoal me ajuda a divulgar meu canal!!! chegando a 200 seguidores irei fazer 1 sorteio, e depois sempre mais um a cada nova marca atingida!"!! e quem seguir , sigo de volta!!!
  • Can someone suggest a platform to trade crypto on with low investment to start with?
  • Bro, if you’re dyor about AI, Sophia, #tyler #sirisys, CERN, flat earth, the singularity, and virtual realities you will see that Bitcoin was created by AI with the help of some humans. It’s not decentralized lol. There is no such thing. The dream is still alive. But you can stop wondering. Just give it a little more time;)
  • Zzzzzzzzz..... booooring. Wake me up at ATH so I can start buying.
  • Google translate bro.
  • 100 KBC coins will be redeemable for 1 gram of gold! If you are interested check out our channel and let's connect! If you are looking for an easy and safe way to convert fiat into gold or crypto, please consider #Karatbars International and #Karatgold Check out our channel and if you like what you see and hear then let's connect! My email is Whatsapp 1-441-799-7600
  • Apollo, Cardano, Digibyte, BABB and U Network great projects with extremely high potentials just BUY and HOLD
  • Just to let you know it’s “take this on face value” rather than “..for granted” much love.
  • Good point on Btc core, it needs to be decentralised.
  • Another very interesting and informative video. If you are interesting in improving your English and delivery drop me a tweet. @caritel. Hallam Hope in always sunny Barbados.
  • This is why you need a decentralized internet with actual hardware and antennas like skycoin and skywire
  • hard-wallet to store and be aware of th risk of the exchanges
  • hi sunny , I'm from Iran too, me and my friends always watching your videos, thanks for useful vids.
  • Just clicked to see what a hodler is.
  • Nice video but I'm still wondering why I didn't ask Mr jason cole a long time ago to assist me with my trades. I doubted him for too long. Well, he has started recovering all my losses.
  • Tis vido
  • that is why i believe in anonymous coins :-)
  • Bitcoin is like Skynet.. I would even say more powerful..
  • Unfortunatly in iran poeple dont undrestand the fundamental about bitcoin they think its tech and they wana go to test new shit coin
  • Im from iran i hate my central bank and us doller by its sanctions. I change all my asset to bitcoin just to fight for irnian free dom i dont care to loose all my money
  • Keep calm and Conceal your crypto assets! Conceal.Network
  • Sunny! Thanks for saving us from the bears. They're everywhere!
  • It’s really damn time to implement complete anonymity in BTC!
  • Google Trends und auf deutsch? Kommst du aus Deutschland? Beste Grüße.
  • mining in Iran is very profitable due to the low price of electricity, But BTC a little more expensive than the global price. that's because we have to get dollars then buy BTC with it and dollar to rials( Iran's fiat money ) is super volatile.
  • Anyone lose their bitcoin from QuadriguaCX?
  • Worldwide = Weltweit = Welljustwait
  • I don't trust google (alphabet, also the name for CIA) and their google trends results.
  • Hey sunny here im from iran and I wanna tell you they cant eat shit. And interest is not so high anymore but people thinking about mining right now I would say 30_50% of people heard about bitcoin maybe 5% hodl btc and eth monero tron these are popular and the fun fact is most of these Hodlesr dont really know what btc is they think of it as paypal and they think its a rich quick thing not your viewrs tough. so hi to iranians here (parcham balas)
  • Sh*t like that is why we need Bitcoin to succeed! Governments and banks will have power only if we use "their" money. People will always find a way to get BTC, unless of course the government shuts down the store for pitchforks and torches. (lol)
  • Just create a new wallet.
  • FFS it’s pronounced “e- ran” NOT i-ran
  • Sunny Decree is is not credible...and he Even said ETC Fake FUD was real without confirming ...and he says TA doesnt work but uses it...he dont know just a youtube shill for wages
  • Nice job on video as always!
  • The real truth about bitcoin in 2019.
  • Gratz on 80K subs! When the bull market comes, you will 10x to 800K bro!
  • How do they know the wallets of those guys? Isn't it some what annonomous?
  • idk any more the price ty sunny
  • Who cares quadrigacx exchange just exited scammed after 6 years for 25 million in cash and all kinds of Bitcoin and lightcoin and etherium.
  • A bitcoin address should only be for one transaction how can thy block it unless you're stupid enough to use the same address. Open another wallet. Use a VPN that does not record long in's and is located outside of the 14 eyes (Western World) It's possible some VPN addresses get blocked so click on a different location. My VPN can pass through anything even the Chinese firewall. I also have two different VPN's. If you want to use bitcoin nothing can stop you if you play your cards probably.
  • well now the government is now going to look for the core developers after watching this.
  • SUNNY DECREE - check this out, i find it super interesting and worth attention ;)

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