Ripple XRP Pump - Is it too late to invest?

Ripple XRP Pump - Is it too late to invest?
Ripple XRP Pump - Is it too late to invest?
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  • What's your thoughts of buying and holding for several years it's so dirt cheap it's less than a dollar in usd
  • Hi can we mining XRP ?
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  • get unlimited free Ripple Coins every hour
  • I think xrp is doin it big 147dkL2SBurG8wHXQCCLDeX2Yz14hq2CNT
  • Is Ripple the next Bitcoin? 17UrmoDTpyagnPSVfqE5E6bWGzFSJbr1w2
  • Totaly agree with you sunny. Ripple is like a bank's trojan horse to cryptomarket!!! 12vtMHVgAA24HaRVtH9Nh274bEe1cLagVp
  • lol 'ripple bad investment' sitting at 2.90 usd rn
  • Nice work. I like the way you talk
  • explanation! good LTC LYvNyTPoDpujsbpzYT44i9BY3oS4w792JC
  • hey sunny that's a cool insane video really appreciate for your efforts.
  • Syscoin can do 300000tps, Ripple 1500tps , syscoin has a marketplace built into the blockchain... But people like to buy a premined (by who?) bubble of 100000000000 coins (really different from 21000000 coins as bitcoin has) which employs 100 sales/marketing people... Ripple... it is a strange world. It's a bubble that is going to hurt all crypto currencies in the end.
  • 1FesmY8S1ZWW8SsWitFiiU5QhqzJZRo5mP please make a video about best 5 mining websites available
  • I disagree and think that its not too late to buy ripple as long as you buy it on a dip. I don't think its going to skyrocket up to $100 this year but I do see it going up to $5 in 2015. LTC- LWAo3BRCA1PztxJ2FnBD99kyMFaSYUYzD7
  • Ripple coin pump and dump? 1NRfSrdsiFRKweLA1K4YnXQTJT84NWQmZD
  • I think Ripple will be more popular than bitcoin as many well known companies investing on it 1CyYQiqjm6So54WmPmKPTWZpu2TViER8fz
  • Bitcoin is still king 19ic7dBR5iwQSh9UdfD8y22z6MofimDHQv
  • what you think about electroneum? 3CnAp5s1N3aSLhVMRkeJiFNDq28NCjeqvFZivota
  • its decentralized...thats why it wasnt synced hehe 13F8DD9kfd29A3oTByNDe34Kz51rRsX1fV
  • you foresee Ripple reaching $10 in the future? 18qgNbxYDeYTBUHE3Ah4XbEtETEiAhARWs
  • what do you think of litecoin in 2018, will that turn out to be a winner? 1EtEeti3EDjZt3LFWhVqfpA3dMC5a6LvAu
  • Ripple it is  387kT73FGFehAsk8qZtJfCzohAuBbqHN9d
  • obviously you mis judged ripple!
  • XRP has already shown a high-performance Graph. Future belongs to Ripple as it already holds the fourth highest market capital. BTC 1QGcSB3xoBjSQNLysDBeAkAS3T4iqJyp4t
  • Damn!can you just say me that the price of bitcoin will go high or down? 3JP3CwG9bhMfNbsWd5tEfBnJX6wZMBYuGo
  • I don't know much about this, but I do know enough to say this guy is out to lunch saying it's not a good investment.
  • THank you for your info 18hmMHJAdvTf7jth4VscwbAy5dUbEufRxe
  • The success of ripple has no relation to xrp valuation. You guys do know this right?
  • This guy never blinks :O
  • Insurance Coverage For Bitcoin Exchanges Against Cyber Attacks :
  • doesnt it hurt your face to move your lips that much?
  • Check Simple Token ( OST ), very good team.
  • Investing in Ripple is like investing in bank stocks. Good luck with that.
  • 15U2yYnE23jQ4TZnceESCEc4HVbGoNFNpR I love crypto bro
  • You are the best ! Thank you for infos ! Continue your good work ! Why is BTC fee so high ? :S LTC > LQhAhAh72jrd3YEg64SMdGjroVKvLGRZzL BTC>1DuGVTGc7HLmH4Kke1eDnxx7jq1RtSFXHY
  • since last two days its been going down, how would be the future?
  • Hello,friend what do you think about Spectrecoin (XSPEC) more people say that this best anonymous coin, that now very cheap but say that can cost more than DASH
  • Ripple seems to be a good coin in 2018. I'm waiting on a more of a dip than I saw today, but the future of ripple looks nice. 1MXXTqu9qvL5HRBKmBwCzJWwxRps3wmcpf
  • ripple may reach 100 dollar. it has 38 billion coins
  • Thank you for the advise , it has helped me in making my decision about ripple. Again Thanks 7794ae90-9766-4c56-b6e7-00b112970684
  • I put $500 in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and IOTA 2 months ago and it's now worth $2500. This world is really sick.... Invest through the link below and get free trading discount for a year!
  • Anyone have a good wallet I can store ripple. I want too buy in on it but have not found a wallet that supports it
  • Yes, its too late to invest, at least for a while. All the exchanges and cryptocurrencies are overwhelmed and have been for the last 2 -3 weeks. Bitcoin won't accept new accounts until Jan 2018, and that seems to be the case for exchanges as well. Everyone is trying to make a quick million.
  • Everyone is on a Ripple craze right now so I truly appreciate your perspective and insight. I'm a newbie! Which altcoins do you suggest have that "revolutionary" component? 141uxjZdAn8e9Z15CGUxLoZE7eXm13D3Nw
  • what are your top 5 cryptocurrency 3Pci6B2vN8XvtTa3Uwvz9Sv177Mkavcv9t
  • Great videos! When is ripple expected to appear on coinbase? my Bitcoin adrress: 194gRqi4ek1AA9D52xujYVdQyokVDNjwHt

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