Bitcoin Crypto Expert Shares His Predictions For 2019 & 2020 (Ivan On Tech Interview)

Bitcoin Crypto Expert Shares His Predictions For 2019 & 2020 (Ivan On Tech Interview)
Bitcoin Crypto Expert Shares His Predictions For 2019 & 2020 (Ivan On Tech Interview)
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  • What are your *bitcoin / cryptocurrency* predictions for 2019 and 2020? Comment below! 👇
  • BELARUS - visit Bald and Bankrupt youtuber who travels there a cool guy that introduces us to places no western european know anything about
  • 27:19 indonesia
  • Most informative crypto video of all 2019!
  • watch in 0.75 speed thank me later
  • I would urge you guys to check out Dropil, it's doing more than most crypto.
  • I listen but still many questions. Like if bit coin is 12k. Can i just invest 200 dollars if so what would i get. Can you break a bitcoin into halves and pieces to sell it
  • They might not be able to confiscate the coin but they can take the means of accessing it no,?
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  • 46:41 2019 prediction starts 😂
  • This guy is lying about most people having internet in poor countries
  • . President Trump hates crytop shit an could pass a law over night making ir worthless
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  • Bitcoin has no underlying asset? Dude, WAKE UP, Bitcoin - finite digital data - IS the ASSET. Bitcoin is becoming "Digital Collateral", which means entities can use it to issue debt as well as obtain CREDIT. Bitcoin is the ASSET. You're welcome. : )
  • @30:05
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  • FOMO
  • very informative talk. kodus both for both of you guys, i learned a lot and this time its more clear. keep up educating people about crypto and blockchain.
  • This was not an easy listen
  • BTC and other main cryptos should go for another +100% within 6 Months I mean BTC +/- 19k $ , ETH 580 $ , LTC 270 $ this is my prediction for end of the Year. I can say I am in this buisnes since 2011
  • I think one great misconception with the Blockchain community is the misconception that Africa has no bank. That is totally not true. Africa has African based banks. The reason why Western financial institutions cannot penetrate the African market is a matter of security and others. Being an African sounds weird whenever I hear this. But point made! Blockchain provides a better way of an internet based system which offers a great way to send money anywhere and one thing everyone has today is a mobile phone and the internet and that is so revolutional. But please avoid such confusion. It makes you so weird! As a developer, most of my project has been African centered so let's face it.This technology works anywhere. The problem is about regulations.CASE MADE!
  • take a shot everytime he says "I'm in for the technology"
  • What if the creator close all the transactions and blockchains?
  • His accent jumps between russian and swedish like a ping pong game
  • Bitcoin price has risen almost 100% from February 2019 till today...not boring at all.
  • Very useful information.
  • this guy is so cool
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  • 2019 its good to invest or not
  • Interesting to see how he's changed his opinion on btc.. nice
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  • It takes less than a minute to actually give the prediction. Where in this 1 hour video does that happen?!?
  • Finally Ryan is getting it, thank God for that :)
  • The Great Tron Pump of 2019
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  • what is the major advise here? buy bitcoins or other alt coins? please try to be clear... how can i make some money off this thing?
  • wow great video!! Ivan is very cool and clearly knows the ins and outs of the tech.. bring him back anytime.
  • Augustus Gloop??
  • Great explanation
  • thanks for this informative video appreciate
  • Australia's anti-money laundering watchdog said on Friday it had suspended licences of two cryptocurrency exchanges(bitcoin is one of them) after a police investigation found the businesses were being exploited for drug trafficking and among other things. A recent study revealed the value of cryptocurrencies stolen from exchanges and scammed from investors surged more than 400 percent in 2018 to about $1.7 billion. In a joint statement with AUSTRAC, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said they arrested a 27-year old man, a "key member" of the suspended cryptocurrency businesses, and charged him with importing, trafficking and possessing about 30 kg of drugs including cocaine. not good terrorist drug traffickers child porn rings money laundering,are abusing it,it will fall hard and soon.....
  • People love doge coin and it pumps from time to time.Its a Classical dont miss it.
  • PoS crypto currencies that act like stock dividends, increases of the supply occur when pos happens is this the same with a companies stock? If so a companies share count increases each time there's a dividend essentially the companies share price is decreasing over time due to more supply. The company would have to keep growing its price over time and most of these guys on YouTube say compound interest is the secret to wealth creation but never account for variable change. Best way to build wealth would be through starting a company and using the stock market to hold your money.
  • How can a programmer be credible in making predictions on crypto prices??? Unless he is a trader too.. Problem ib this market, a lot are making predictions. They are wrong 50% of the time.. If a prediction is not based on fundamentals, it is just guessing..
  • There are banks in Africa, in fact people can transfer money instantly on their phone to anyone. Africa doesn't need western bank to success. It's GDP is a total of $2 trillion and by 2050 it will have a combined GDP of $29 trillion. US today has a GDP of $19 trillion.

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